25 thoughts on “Briggs Nikki Carb main jet

  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I was taking the carb apart and, yeah, this little thing falls out–don't know where it came from. Shop is closed for the holiday, manual just shows the parts but main jet is not shown connected to ANYTHING, and first youtube video doesn't say anything about it either. Carb is all torn apart and I need answers. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO!!!

  2. Hey rob , thanks alot man that damn jet had me going nuts cause i couldn't find a place for it but thanks to your video i was able to get it done.

  3. Rob I want to thank you so very much, I searched for this information for about three days and finally found yours. Im currently in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria struck and every one here is depending on generators. some one took apart my friends carb and apparently didn't put the parts back in the correct order, this video is a life saver. Thank you thank you

  4. Rob just like to tell you that you saved my ass I could not figure out where that little jet lived I spent several hours on youtube and removed and installed the carburetor so many times I thought I was going have to replace the carburetor just to find out where that jet went , again thanks.

  5. Thank you so nmuch!!!! I'm in Brandon Florida. Hurricane irma is berring down on us. My generator with nikki carb was acting up. I put in a new carb kit and could not get it to run good at all. As it turns out after comming accross your vido, I had the main jet under the fule float neddle. WRONG PLACE… Just in time for power outage!!! THANKS YOU SAVED US

  6. Thank You!!! I've got Hurricane Harvey about to hit, my generator won't start I pull the carb and then… wait what is this little deal and where does it go? Your video was my Savior today.

  7. You are a lifesaver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this damn mower finally mowed my grass after a month of BS… I also upgraded the needle to brass… those plastic ones stink ….thanks again!!!

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