Briggs & Stratten governer adjustment 500e, 550ex silver and more

One of the more common questions I am getting is; How do I adjust the linkage on the Briggs and Stratton 500e, 550ex, silver and more.This video shows the tie point to the spring that can be bent to speed up or slow down the engine. Bend with caution, too much speed can ruin your engine.



12 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratten governer adjustment 500e, 550ex silver and more

  1. I have this same engine. Mower hit a large rock and instantly went to high rpm (overspeeding). I played with the bracket as you show with no change. I put new governor spring on, no change. The horizontal bracket at the back of the engine can be moved to lower the rpm to normal. What would cause that not to do what it is supposed to?

  2. Both videos great searched every where online for this type of engine and carb adjustment.  

    My question:  Should the governor linkage move when you pull down the blade control lever?  It may seem simple but it is confusing me and I'm worried it won't work when I reassemble everything!

    Thanks for the help

  3. have you or anyone with the 500e series experience any oil burning issues on these engines? I have one and its only has about 3hrs of use so far, and it runs fine cutting the whole yard, but when I pull the mower out to start cutting and first started it, a cloud of oil burning smoke comes out of the exhaust, but after about 5 seconds the smoke is gone and runs fine. But it smokes like this mostly every time I first start it, but it did smoke again once when I shut it off to talk to someone then started it back up and it smoked again. The oil is not overfilled its within the full area of the dipstick and im using briggs 30w oil

  4. Excellent and thank you…but a quick question >  'if' the engine seems to be pumping off the governor would that be a good reason to add tension-up the spring (just a tad)?

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