7 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton 10hp Mower – Blown Head Gasket?

  1. Bingo! The owner had put about 750ml of excess oil in. I had to rinse the air filter out but it runs fine now. I left a 500ml bottle of Ribina filled with oil on the mower for them to find lol.

  2. Remove old head gasket. Clean gasket area. Use a thin film of JB Weld in the leak prone area only on the new head gasket. A thin film on both sides of the gasket here. Let the JB Weld glue the gasket to the block and head. Torque with a torque wrench to Brigg's specs. Problem solved. JB Weld can me removed with a heat gun if you have to remove later. This issue is caused from insufficient head bolts in the gasket failure area.

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