Briggs & Stratton 14 hp V-Twin Igniton Diode Install

this is the continuation of the other diode video I made, I had to wait for the parts to be ordered and they finely came in. this wasn’t a very difficult fix other than having to completely remove the engine to get to the coils. This was my first experience with this problem in all the years I have worked on machines. But the important thing is, now it works the way it should, thanks for watching.



4 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton 14 hp V-Twin Igniton Diode Install

  1. They call it progress, but I call it over engineering! Glad you got it diagnosed and properly repaired my Friend! Cheers!! Zip~

  2. I havent watched your other vid yet but I think this may have solved the issue Im having with a 22hp v twin briggs when you plug in the kill wires to the coils the engine will only run on one cylinder or both will ground out I check the key its working perfectly fine no shorts in the wire harness it will run fine with both unplugged from the kill wires but soon as both are plugged in it will kill one side or both its as if the coils are grounding each other out

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