Briggs & Stratton 18HP Twin L-Head Governor Troubles

While doing some gasket work on my 422707 1214 01 Briggs twin engine, I come across a lot of missing information about how the governor goes back together. Once I figured it out, I thought I’d share a video about how the governor, weights, retainer spring, cap and thrust washer go back in place. Stupidly simple once you understand it!

Briggs and Stratton 271172 repair manual is an essential if you own one of these engines!



14 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton 18HP Twin L-Head Governor Troubles

  1. I used some Vaseline to hold everything in place on my 19.5 horse as the little ring was missing or I lost it while the motor was apart. The Vaseline washes out once the oil warms up.

  2. Thank u very much looked and look and look and finally found ur vid when i took my sump cover off I cleaned out the bottom and found that little ring buried in oil and didn't know what it went to and tossed it LOL so I'm wondering if the motor ran before it was tooken apart just fine then does that little ring actually matter which I'm sure it does because it's factory made that way but mine's been running it seems that somebody took it apart before and lost that ring inside the motor before me i dont no looks like im gonna have to reopen the dam thing hahahaha thanks again

  3. I know it's 2 years since you did this video, but you are a life saver. I pulled bottom sump body off and heard the same noise. … oh, hell, what was that followed by, now how does that go back together! Thank you!

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