9 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton 20kW Automatic Standby Generator 40346 Overview

  1. I just bought my 2020 version of a 20 KW Fortress Next Gen – 6 year warranty. I spent more for the 6 year warranty but I used a local small engine repair shop and retailer. They have a partnership with a local man that comes out to your house during bad weather/storms/worse and will fix. He also sets you up for a schedule if you want to have him do all the oil changes/spark plugs, etc.

    The unit is much louder than I thought. even with the lid closed and about 40 feet back my decibel app registered about 78 to 82 db. The installers app registered 67 at 20 feet. If we lose all power though I am sure the neighbors won't mind as they will probably be coming over.

    The cost included generator, auto-transfer switch, all cabling and I am using natural gas. The stand is concreted in and using natural gas. Been waiting to move to a place with natural gas and a long time purchase of a home. real happy so far!

  2. This generator is quiet and has surpassed my expectations!!◈◈>share4.photo/BGenerator?らf    I am new to the generator world. I did extensive research before I decided what I wanted. I have a 2015 Passport 24' travel trailer. This generator powered the AC all day long, was quiet, and used very little fuel. I am extremely pleased.

  3. I believe that engine is made in Japan by Daihatsu, not the US as you state. Anyway it is an excellent engine.

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