16 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton 3.5HP Engine

  1. nice find I just got the same thing mines a Lil newer. I got a 5hp briggs on an air compressor and I'm trying to use the little one for something fun.

  2. It looks like it had a pump on it. on the top of the engine there should be a model type and code number on the shroud tell me the code numbers and I can tell the the year and the day it was made

  3. got the same motor on a ride on mower today but the throttle linkage is not all there.
    can you tell me the model number please.

  4. but theres no black paint under the red…..! i have seen black motors of the same type do you know whats with the two difference with the two colours? im guessing black motors is later engines like 90's

  5. Nice work mate. I was using a small fire fightinhg pump on the weekend that i got off my grandfather that looks very similar to this. The only difference is that is has a low oil level cut out and it was a 1988 model. I'm guessing yours would have to be an early to mid 80's model. Has the same stickers and controls and exact same colour. Cheers mate.

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