Briggs & Stratton 5 HP Engine Startup

This engine was sitting outside and had the fuel tank full of water and rust. I had to clean the tank out and clean out the rust from the main carb jet. It runs, but not as good as it could. It will not idle low enough for the clutch not to engage. I found later on that the mixture screw on this pulsa-jet carb was turned the entire way in. It looks like the proper mixture screw with the needle tip was removed and a regular screw put in its place.



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  1. I got one for my son that had sit outside for 2 years and had same problem, what I did wasI cleaned the carbarater drained all the bad gas oun the bowl under the carb , cleaned with carb cleaner, put it back on, ran good but still was not level running,I put new springs on it and it straitened mine right out.The old springs did not look bad but changing them made a world of difference.If I were you I would try that because you're engine runs to good to be much wrong with it.

  2. 1:00-1:02 sounds like my engine starting up when running at its best when it was on my gokart, its running on idle but not the best

  3. Yeah, sounds like it's got a blocked up fuel jet. I should remove the carb cover. Behind it there's a fuel injector. There's probably grimey scale on it. Get a braddle and clear the hole. Should be fine after that. If not, it's gotta be the spark plug. Can't go wrong with a new one.

  4. It sounds like either the car5epending on how old, it doesnt hurt to rebuild the carb. id take the carb off the tank being careful not to damage the gasket and spray some carb cleaner in the pickup tubes. I gotta be honest, 5.5 sounds like a tecumseh engine as I had one of those before also.

  5. He man I need some help. I have a Briggs and Stratton 5.5hp engine on my go cart. I just bought it about 3 days ago. It will start for a moment then it will stop. And then when I do get it started it will only run in choke. I i try to put it to run it wont start. I've taken the bell off and took the airfilter off and sprayed some carb cleaner in it, but it doesnt seem to help. Can you please tell me what to do, because I really want to drive this thing.

  6. Have same motor that was on a gocart and parked outside… that was full of rain water… in the gas tank, and inside the crankcase These things are NOT rain proof. I cleaned out it all, but the intake valve was rusted stuck, so I gave up to it. Just today I revisited it and with a lot of banging and prying, got the valve unstuck, out, cleaned, sliding like a charm, and engine back together. Next to put the carb back on, see if I can get a spark. My pull cord function is broken.

  7. you have to put the trottle cable so it put the engine into idle. i have the same engine. it was old when i got it but now that ive done work on it, it make my go kart go from 50 to 60 mph

  8. Hey i just bought my girlfriend a go kart with a 3 hp briggs on it. it didnt come with an air filter but i can put one on. It runs for a few seconds and dies out. it will only run if i put gas in the carb. and yes the carb is clean.what should i do? i can get an air filter from the shop down the road but i just need to know if thats the prob or not.

  9. heres a long shot for you, i put into motion a project of my own( im 16) of taking 3 go karts at my house and making 1 good go kart engine, just screwing around and trying one of the engines (this engine has been sitting Dormant for 16 years only thing we did to it is blow out the carb, blow out the tank, and change the oil, after about 5 pulls and some gas put in the carb it fired right up, but it only stayed pon for about 10 seconds because the rope to start it got snagged

  10. @Canucks44Life What I did first was take the fuel tank off the engine and remove the carb from it. I cant remember if I was able to do it and leave the carb on the engine or not. Once you get the tank and carb apart, I drained the fuel out. Flushed it with some fresh gas, let it soak, drained that out and sprayed some carb cleaner inside to loosen the gum if there was any. Mine was rusted so I had a lot more. Might want to clean the carb and the pickip tubes also.

  11. @Redneckfarms That tube that runs from the side of the engine to the carb, usually with a rubber boot at the end is a crank case breather. The older engines just had a vent on the side. The carb could need a good cleaning and possibly a rebuild. This one does have a diaphragm in it that can get hard especially with ethanol gas. I believe they are called pulse-a-jet carbs…..

  12. hello i think i have the same go kart engine and it will not idle and runs very rough was wandering what the tube was for that ran from the rods to the carb. thanks- redneckfarms & trevzman

  13. @More350Power oh man,that sucks. but i hope my suggestion will help u in the future. i had the same problem with mine. if you have any problems with other engines in the future don't hesitate to ask me. Have a good one.

  14. @927Adam That is one of the first things I tried, but I found the end of the screw had the needle broken off. Im surprised it ran at all lol… Wish I still had it, got stolen with all my other engines.

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