Briggs & Stratton 5500 watt 10 hp Generator Carburetor Repair

Briggs & Stratton 5500 watt 10 hp Generator Carburetor Repair
Cleaning the carb on my generator. After I got gas it started on the first pull…

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34 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton 5500 watt 10 hp Generator Carburetor Repair

  1. Another big spot to hit on these nikki carbs is the air nozzle. It's the hole that looks like the low speed idler hole you pointed out, but its on the other side of the main jet tube. That one has an extremely tiny hole but it is just as important. This video is awesome though. Wish these generators had warlboro carbs on them. those are WAY easier to maintain.

  2. Great video. Thanks for posting, and thank you for the detail.

    My generator's carburetor varies a bit from yours. I kind of panicked when there was no spring in the float bowl, but after a cooler head prevailed, I determined that there wasn't a place to put it.

    I'm fairly mechanically-inept, so it was great to be ready for the screws holding the bowl and, and your coverage of the two cables was spot on. The only issue that I really ran into is when cleaning the main jet, I didn't see that there was a nozzle fitted to the plastic assembly. When cleaning that out, it popped out. I'm not confident that it snapped into place correctly, and the gaskets looked a little stretched out, so I'll be ordering a rebuild kit or two, just to be safe.

    The carb cleaner that I used left things a bit sticky, so I cleaned that residue with a generic glass cleaner. That worked wonders.

    My Generator started on the first pull, so I'm happy and my wife is relieved.

  3. After cleaned with a carb cleaner, my float bowl gasket (weird shaped rubber o-ring type thing) got stretched out. I was able to boil and put in freezer to shrink back, close to the original size, and thankfully I was able to use my generator during Irma with half choke. I would love to put a new gasket. Where can I find? or Parts #? Thanks in advance.

  4. YOU, my brotha, are…. the real MVP. I'm in Deerfield Beach, if you're ever up this way, I owe you a beer. This is exactly what my generator (same as yours) needed. Only problem I ran into was that gasket expanded when it was exposed and it wouldn't fit back into place. I think some carb cleaner got on it and made it expand and lengthen. I boiled it and kinda got it to fit. Genny runs great now with just minor roughness/ sputter..barely noticeable. Should run like a dream once the new, properly seated gasket gets here. Thanks again.

  5. Thanks Florida Boy! Been running my Ginny since Irma hit-7 days now. Was starting to miss real bad and getting very hot. Changed plug and air filter. Figured the carb needed cleaning, but was worried that if I tore into it I might make it not run at all! Your video and relaxing demeanor gave me confidence to give it a go. Glad to say she's running much smoother now and should get us through until FPL finally gets the power back up- looking like at least 4-5 more days. Thanks againMiami Dave

  6. This is a great video!!! Wish I watched this before disassembling my B&S carburetor and stretching out the gasket ? Ordered another through Amazon which should be here in a month thanks to hurricane Irma!

  7. I hate Sta Bil It makes apple sauce inside the the bowl and tanks. NO E gas is the best to use and keep it fresh and start jennies at least once a month then when it warms up put a load on it to keep it in proper working order…………….

  8. I feel for ya'll my Southern Brother. Irma is tearing ya'll up. I am doing one of those carbs right now. Bad Bad ethanol fuel does that every time. I have a small engine repair shop in South Louisiana and have done 3 in the last month just like yours. Yes Thor tightened those screws down. LOL….

    I liked and subbed you. I have quite a few friends over there in Florida………

    Stay safe Mon Ami ~!~!

  9. I bought the same generator after the 2004 storms. Started it up and then ran the gas out. it has sat in the garage till now. Your video was just the ticket. And yes the bowl screws were a bear. In Tampa, waiting on Irma. Wife is thrilled taht we won't lose all of our food in the fridge.
    My mower guy said to use Sentry in the fuel

  10. One of the best videos for this generator. Last time I used this generator was for Wilma. 2 days a go I pulled it out and it fired up! A lot of people don't drain fuel and run it dry before storage. I also used sea foam before it ran dry. This is great investment to have in Florida. Thanks for the video FloridaBoy!

  11. THANK YOU SO FRICKEN MUCH!!! Hurricane Irma will be spanking us tomorrow night and I've got my generator fixed. Thanks to you. You are truly a lifesaver.

  12. Thank you so much for this, we are in the in the direct path of hurricane Irma and your video helped me getting my generator working today. God bless.

  13. Thank you for posting this video Florida boy. I too live in Florida and am preparing for Hurricane Irma and have the exact same generator as you. Funny, I bought mine for Dennis 04 in Pensacola. Anyways, your video fixed my carb. My only advice is when you try to get the two screws off the bottom Bowl on the carb, use a bench vise. Way easier. I don't think I could have done it without the bench vise.

  14. FloridaBoy, I want to thank you. You helped me save my dad from spending over $700 for a new generator last night…if we could have found one.

    I watched your video, and sure enough, the screws for the bowl were cranked down so tight that I wasn't able to get them off. Thankfully, with the help of social media, we found a new friend and tinkerer nearby who helped us get it apart. No surprise, there was a lot of debris. The generator was up and running in a matter of minutes.

    So, I wanted to give you a big thanks and a big thumb up.

    I hope Irma passes you by with no issues. You deserve it.

  15. Very timely FloridaBoy……same generator, same problem. Probably ought to drain the fuel every 5 years or so : ). Anyway, started first pull after easy clean….

  16. Ok, so our generator after running the past two days to test, decided that today it doesn't want to stay running. I found this video, it looks great, so while my husband and son are finishing boarding and tarping screen porch. I am going to attempt this.. Will get back to you and see if that solves the problem.

  17. Thank you so much. I'm not mechanically inclined. Prepping for Irma and generator wouldn't start. While watching this step by step, it only took a few minutes. Generator works like a charm. You were a huge help!

  18. The BEST video for this carburetor. Excellent video definition.  The only one I've seen that describes in detail the alignment of the parts and the only one that explains that darn spring.  Great job and thanks.

  19. Thanks a million….. followed your directions and sure enough… it was super clogged…. we were freaking out while preparing for "Irma". Much appreciated!

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