16 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton 5hp 206cc

  1. Ypu can put a sprocket at the end of it and run it to a jack shaft with a centrifugal clutch. Or get a long shaft on ebay or somewhere.

  2. I will buy this engine from you for $50.  This engine is made for a garden tiller….B & S put these on 'Longlife' tillers way back 25-30 years ago.  Call me at 678-548-6513 (Gary) if you want to sell it.  Nice video!  🙂

  3. I got two of them. I just restored one and the other one is pretty dirty, I'm not shure if it will run- there is no spark ignition. But the other other one runs good and sounds like yours. And yes, it is the ''L'' head engine version.

  4. lol 5 hp thats more like my 3.5 hp engine i have a 5 hp engine now it will go 50 mph on the road easy and thats just on semi choke i wonder how fast it will go if i let it go all out

  5. Yea i just got one of these motors for free from a friend. Really trying to figure out what it is. It was from an old tiller apparently and yes the crank is stock (If you still care).

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