10 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton 6.5hp small engine carb overhaul

  1. nice man, I never knew about a full disassembly I've just always cleaned them out and never messed with a new needle valve seat or anything. good to know how it all comes apart!

  2. Best video yet! I love how you broke the carburetor down. I hadn't seen anyone break it down like that before. Great!!! Thanks for the detail. Fantastic!!!

  3. Really great break down, but dude you left out the one part I can't figure out and that's those last two gaskets. The brown cork looking one with the adhesive back doesn't seem to want to fit against the air plate and seems to cover the primer hole on the carb, but if I only use the grey one there is a gap in between the air plate and the carb. please

  4. That brass bolt IS the jet. The brass part up inside the body of the carb is an emulsifier tube. A drywall screw works good for removing the needles seat, and a q-tip in a cordless drill with hand cleaner works well for cleaning and polishing the needle bore.

  5. The video is about the overhaul kit and not just for the carb. Half of the information is not clear and video does not show the installation of the complete kit which makes this video a total waste of time.

  6. Good video but there were some details left out.  I'm wondering if you fixed the ballcock in continously running toilet that can be heard in the background lol.  That's even an easier fix.

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