Briggs & Stratton 8HP Generator

Got this generator from a friend who found it in a scrap yard all beat up. But it looked like it had barley been ran. I got it from him cleaned it up painted it and cleaned out the carburetor and it fired right up. Some carburetor adjustments and it was putting out some straight pure AC and 120V and 240V. The sticker that included all of the generator information was gone when i received the generator and i can not seem to find any information on this generator so if anyone has ay info on this machine PLEASE let me know also i need to know where to find an air filter for this engine.



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  1. Hi Tyler. I've had an 11hp Briggs & Stratton generator (4.4kW) for about 5 yrs but never had it running yet. The guy I bought it from used it many times so I know it won't be a problem when I get to try and start it. Anyway, the reason I'm sending this is that my B&G looks very similar to yours including the generator part. Within the next couple of days I'll try and get some info off the actual generator (I think it's referred to as an exciter on the name plate). Regards Mark in the UK

  2. i beleive the generator is a Groban generator.. looks identical to the generator on the 10hp Briggs & Stratton version i own.

  3. did you paint it? i have almost the same thing and i want to give it a somewhat fresh coat but that looks shiner than just plain spray paint. what should i use?

  4. Identical to mine
    A50 Portable Generator
    5000 Maximum Watts
    4000 Rated Watts
    8.0 HP Briggs & Stratton Engine
    Recoil Starter
    60 Hertz
    Single Phase
    120/240 Volts
    33.3 Amps@ 120V, 16.7 Amps@ 240V
    3600 RPM
    1- 20 Amp, 120V, Duplex Receptacle (two outlets)
    1- 20 Amp, 240V, Twistlock, NEMA L-14-20R
    Totally Brushless with Capacitor
    Copper Windings
    Circuit Breaker Protection
    Lost power last winter used 3 days straight to power 3 br house

  5. I have the identical generator on a Kawasaki 5hp engine. Only difference is my generator only has two outlets. The cooling slots are facing up on mine. Mine is painted a green color. The same color as the heavy industries kawasaki small engines. sticker says 120v by the outlet. It has a wavy case seam where they rolled the exterior and formed the generator housing.

  6. the year of the engine will be on the fan shoud on the engine. the year would be the first 2 numbers in the third set of numbers.

  7. wish you would have showed carb and throttle. I just got one and think something's missing. WIll run as long as choke is wide open.

  8. I got the same thing today at a garage sale for $15 . Same as here + it sits in its rectangular cage, frame. It needs a recoil starter and the compression seems low but since I have another 8 HP B&S engine , I will swap it and see how it works.

  9. Does anybody know what the other two outlets are? mine has the same setup with two regular 120 outlets, and on the other side it has the two with a ground and sideways plugs?

  10. Mine is also a volt master but its an a2021 . 6000 watt max 4000 waty rated . 36 amps on the 120 xircuit and 18 on the 220 side. Its a tank

  11. I have the same one, bought it 1-1/2 years ago, very much used, tried it this past week. It shows the generator as being a 'Chicago Electric’ Power Tools product model # G4000V2E, no contact address. 240/120 V 36 / 18 amp rating. Carb needs cleaning.

  12. I have just aquired one in a similar way. Mine looks nearly identical to yours.  The stickers on the generator say it's a General Power Equipment Company.  My model number for the gen is MM4500-M.  Do you still have yours?

  13. the generator unit is s pincor they were sold at department stores under many different names all with dozens on motor combinations. still after all these years one of the best units made.

  14. By the looks of the comments,this generator was sold under many names.I have one,a Voltmaster A50.Most of these generators had a diode in series with the rotor(mounted on same) and used residual magnetism to produce a field in same.

  15. generator > 'voltmaster'; had one 3500 watts looks identical to what you got there; the overload protection breakers went bad / broken couldnt find those particular items here living in the philippines even at the home appliance repair center where we went thru and checked to capacitors, continuity and circuitry i found @ 'voltmaster generator' downloadable schematic and expanded parts view / list. the alternative solution was to wire in household service panel style breakers in a homemade externally mounted service panel box…gave the dynamo unit to the trash truck drivers one christmas & almost 100% positive they scraped it for the 50lbs+ enamel coated copper wire (slightly less salvage value due to the coating on the wire).

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