Briggs & Stratton 8hp – Which Head Bolts to Use?

Use these Bolts!

So we got a Tracker-8 Snowblower in the shop, it needs a new head gasket, so I’m installing new head bolts to go with it.

This particular model engine (190400) has 9 head bolts in total & uses 3 longer bolts near the exhaust port.

The issue I found, was that Briggs & Stratton have made so many bolts over the years, all the part numbers can get confusing.

Shouldered bolts, non-shouldered bolts, 3″ long or 2 15/16″.

This video should help ease your frustration!


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16 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton 8hp – Which Head Bolts to Use?

  1. I've got a head gasket to replace on a older 80s Briggs and Stratton motor from a Murray riding lawnmower following the intake valve seat popping loose as well as the spring . The price for each bolt is total BS . On both eBay and Amazon they're asking $8 USD for each one. That's absolutely nuts to ask that much for bolts that aren't heat treated nor do they list what their SAE rating is . I'm going to look through the local hardware store and get heat treated SAE 8 bolts instead of the garbage they're selling .

  2. Thanks for the video! I have a 1978 8 hp briggs and Stratton and I need to change the gasket. Perfect video and even if it's old, it runs better than new models and the body is tougher

  3. Did you torque the head bolts dry or did you use a lubricant like the Permatex Nickel Antiseize you usually use and if so does this affect the torque on the head bolts.

  4. Good day We found Allis side of road, small town knew owner. Pass away, I has Tecumseth motor . I tryed to look up ,all I getting is Simplicty blower. Thanks Good video on spark plug.

  5. Nice work on an old machine, I'm just wondering if you lapped the valves and gapped them also.
    Not criticizing. Love your channel, you make good videos.

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