23 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton carburetor rebuild on my Simplicity

  1. If you don't have a local small engine repair facility, you can always check out jacks small engines dot com. Just make sure you have your model, type and code number. Its usually located on the shroud, just above the spark plug. If its not there, it is located on the shroud somewhere. This is based on the fact that I'm assuming its a briggs and stratton.

  2. That is a problem. Do you have a small engine shop nearby? Maybe a tractor supply or someplace that fixes engines? You could take the carb off. Most places can look at a carb and know what kit you need.

  3. im gonna go to a place called brads hardware he has briggs and stratton part all over shelfs im gonna take the carb up there and see if he can get me a rebuild kit for it

  4. Not bad for the "tooth Fairy", This almost looks like the GTH? The carb on my 4212LTG was so bad, I had to go out and buy a new one ($100+), Yeah I know (OUCH!). I'm surprised to see a steel tank on a small frame RBT. Good luck buddy, just remember; idle mix 3/4 to 1.0 turns open (top jet), high speed (bottom (1-1/2 turns open). Never tighten either more than light finger pressure (or else "there go the seats and/or the needles. Cheers!

  5. This was a broadmoor I picked up for almost nothing if I remember correctly. My GTH has the v-twin vanguard on it. This tractor ran great right after I cleaned this all up. No complaints, and even made a great profit on it!
    Thanks bud!

  6. If you have a briggs and stratton engine, you need to find the model #, type # and code #…Usually its on the shroud. This kit is most likely not the same kit you would need for an engine of that age. You will have to go to a small engine shop to obtain the correct kit.

  7. Watching your Friday night 40, I didn't realize that you had so many good small engine videos. I'm trying to rebuild this exact carburetor, Is there a part two on this, or one that shows how to set the float height? Thanks

  8. I used to do almost all small engine vids…Its a bummer that I can't right now though, but we're working on getting things straight so that one day I can have a shop again.
    I may have a video on that, I just don't know when…LOL!
    Thanks bud!

  9. I gotta 512 duetz-allis it has 12 I-c with a flow jet carb they r so good they just wear out now a 60 mph toy with 20 hrs 2cyl ,,,still mows busted trans …. no brakes so boom hit r ,,,, now for next build 612 simplicity much larger 3 blades hope to post a pik 4 ya

  10. Hi great video thx , I have the same but noticed the float in bowl is filling up with petrol through microscopic holes. would you have any idea of the part number for a new float ?   many thx again

  11. I have huskee 10/36 10 HP Briggs my carb is leaking carb at intake valve down muffler what u think I need to do model 254707 type 0121-01 code 9201311 any ideal what I need to fixed the carb so I can sale it huskee 10/36 her name is old Betsy mower model is noma : c3601020 serial is S001867323615 and code is 2035 let me know what I fix her from over flow gas in carb to intake and Buttom of muffler and oil pan if u do known place let me know on it think so much huskee be on skullmonkey92 video that be my account and what I fixing. think u agian

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