briggs & stratton carburetor with no fuel flow

can’t figure out what the problem is. fuel line between gas tank and carburetor is clean. all the jets on the carburetor appear to be clean. I took off the carburetor (after spending several minutes trying to start this). this carburetor is off a B&S 5.5 HP pressure washer. I was told by the previous owner, the pressure washer has
been only used about 3 hours since he bought it (about 3 years ago). I shot this video of the carburetor hoping someone might be able to tell me if something looks wrong. a friend told me the float isn’t set up correctly and isn’t getting any fuel. I do get fuel in the float bowl, but I am not sure I am getting any in the float. I notice the float is not even close to being horizontal with the carburetor (which should be fairly obvious when you watch the video). is it suppose to be horizontal? I hope to fix this without buying a new carburetor (I have very little money right now).
I am trying to get help diagnosing this problem. and fix the problem…. all comments are much appreciate. by the way, if I spray starter fluild in the carburetor, it will start for about 3 seconds then shut off. I have posted one other video that shows what it sounds like when I try to start it.. if you have additional question, please ask…as I do monitor my youtube account on a daily basis.



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  1. ACTUALLY, there is fuel getting into the float bowl. is the floatl also suppose to fill with fuel? I don't think it is filling up

  2. Just repaired this problem on an old B&S mower with the exact same carburetor: Fuel was present in the bowl (loosened bottom screw to verify this), but engine still exhibited no fuel problem (verified by spraying fuel into the carb to start engine & keep motor running). SOLUTION FOR ME: there is a very small jet on the side of the downtube (the one that the bowl attaches to) that was clogged. I inserted a needle into the jet and pushed out dirt. RESULT: Runs!!!

  3. Had same /similar problem with an old mower. It turned out that the seal that the float needle closes against was not all the way up. This was not allowing the float to move up freely and thus was cutting off the gas supply. I simply pushed in/ reseated it by pushing on it with an upside down nail. it then worked fine.

  4. UPDATE: I did fix the problem. I cleanout out all the little holes that fuel travels through within the carburetor. and now it works. thanks

  5. the same exact thing happened to me ,my trash picked pressure washer only ran when i dumped gas into the carb.just had to take the bowl off and clean the jet screw with a sewing needle.caused by stale gas.

  6. Needle is stuck in seat due to the float being out of adjustment. Bend the tang that presses on the needle so that the float can move without closing valve. Look up the spec and adjustment method.

  7. I'm glad you figured out the problem, and I will attempt your solution too as I am having the same problem on my Craftsman 17.5hp mower. The carb was taken apart one time, but was not blown out to clear all openings. Mine only runs when I put gas in the carburator and quits when the fuel burns out.

  8. @wasatchm

    I have the same carb and same problem. Which hole in particular was the culprit? Could you show me what the float needle seat looks like? Mine fell out, and I can't locate it. I'm not sure what it looks like to find it. Ugh.

  9. @larry3086 I just had the same problem. I checked it and sure enough the seal wasn't all the way down in the hole. Thanks for commenting.

  10. @fargley001
    Excellent response. Matches the carb I'm working on to the tee. I can get a (stripped) bread tie wire through all the small holes except the port from inside the barrel to the bowl jet. It's very common for the jet holes in the nut that holds the float bowl on to be clogged.

  11. @wasatchm i see u fixed the problem, that's great, ur question of fuel being IN the float itself… NOOOOO if there is, that's a problem, there should never be fuel in the floats themselves in a carburator… float BOWL only.. the needle that lets fuel in the carburator, which the floats control is called just that, a needle, what it sits in is called a seat… a set of tip cleaners for a oxy acetylene torch, a air compressor to blow air, and some carb or brake cleaner, are best for cleaning

  12. seeing the comment AFTER watching the video makes it a great comment..mayb top 25 because u dont expect humor on a carb tutorial

  13. Ok, I have worked on many carbs.
    Items you will need ( Other than tools to disassemble the carb a) carb and Choke Cleaner, b) 1 very small drill bit, c) 1 Clean white rag, d) 1 Spare piece of clean fuel line.
    1) purchase a can of carb and choke cleaner. (be sure it comes with the straw attachment.
    2) Take the carb from the machine.
    3) Remove the Bowl, from the carb body.
    4) Remove the Float and Needle valve
    5) Using the Carb and choke cleaner. Spray the cleaner in every hole in the carb, making sure the cleaner flows freely through all holes into the carb. and set it aside.
    6) Hold the Jet Valve and clean it with the carb and choke cleaner.
    7) Go back to the carb body.
    Turn the carb up-side-down. Inspect the Jet Valve hole for any signs of varnish or build up.
    8) using a CLENA white rag and a very small drill bit. Wrap the cloth around the spiral end of the bit, (making sure none is exposed to the metal in the jet valve chamber), thoroughly clean any varnish or residue from inside the jet valve chamber. AGAIN! Be sure to not touch the drill bit with the inside of the Jet Valve Chamber.
    9) Replace the Jet Valve to the float.
    10) Insert the Float and jet valve into place CAREFULLY
    11) Replace the Float retainer pin through the float and body of the carb.
    12) place the spare, clean fuel line on the end of the Fuel Inlet on the carburetor
    13) Holding the carb u-right gently blow into the open end of the hose connected to the fuel inlet on the carb body. You will hear air being expelled. Gently lift the float until the air sound stops.
    14) turn the carburetor upside down and replace the fuel bowl.
    15) Re-install the carburetor to it's original position. 
    16) Reconnect the fuel line to the carburetor.
    17) Open any fuel shut offs to the on position between the carb and fuel tank.
    18) On the bottom of the bowl, there should be a fuel flow button. Press it and check that there is now fuel flowing to the carburetor bowl.
    19) Follow the manufacturers recommendation for the starting procedure and attempt to start.

    This should work. I know it sounds like a long process but I have always had a great deal of success. 

    Best of luck.

  14. Try spraying starter fluid in the carborator when it starts to run, Continuously keep spraying starter fluid in the carborator if it keeps running. The The valve pin in the the Float bowl is sticking. I did that with my Yard Machine 5.5hp Tiller, I fixed the problem. Just keep and eye on the rubber pieces in the float bowl and don't loose them.

  15. i have same problem, timing checked on gears and on cylinder/valves TDC.
    Spark is like a dream, can clearly see it flashing and also snaps my finger when touching the wire end. everything is cleared, if i remove spark plug engine rotates nicely without pressure when spark plug is on i can feel there's no pressure lost.
    Just won't even try to start, even if i spray some gas manually to intake.

  16. Having the same problem first started by removing engine and sanding the wheel and regapping the pick up got good spark but still no firing next removed the float bowle cleans out dirt the flot pin had came out and needle replaced pin with cotter pin but first had to push the seat back up allowing the needle to seat properly when the float is in the up position, getting gas flow, pops over every outher pull but won't stay running? Should I just buy a new carb? I've already replaced the spark plug and is clean any help would be appreciated.

  17. If theres no fuel in the bowl how long will it take to draw some in it? I'm having issues also. Replaced fuel line, filter and cleaned the carb. But for some reason no fuel is getting to the bowl.

  18. The 4 small holes in the screw that holds the float bowl are clogged. Use a thin wire to clear holes then squirt all the holes until u get cleaning fluid coming out all of the orifices

  19. There's nothing wrong with the float. If it wasn't hanging down, then it would be stuck. It's supposed to hang down like that….it's fine. Most of the time, the bowl jet is clogged. That's the bolt on the bottom of the bowl…many people don't know it's a jet and has holes in it. Clean the holes out and it will be fine.

  20. I have the same problem and I noticed that the screw inside the down tube (where the bowl gets attached)  is not coming out. Any idea how to take it out?

  21. I have the same problem I just replaced the needle and the Rubber piece was damaged and this was the solution for me

    398188 Kit-Needle/​Seat

  22. OK. I had an issue where I was getting fuel to the bowl, but nothing to the engine itself. I followed the instructions, cleaned everything with carb cleaner, added fresh gas, replaced the air cleaner gasket, reassembled and it started on the first pull!!! Runs like a top. Thanks.

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