Briggs & Stratton Dual-Stage Snow Blower Set-Up

See how to set-up your Briggs & Stratton 1024MDS, 1227MDS or 1530MDS medium-duty dual-stage snow blower. From initial out-of-the-box assembly to safety system tests, this video includes necessary information to help you get your snow blower ready to tackle winter’s worst.

0:15 – Tools Required for Assembly
0:33 – Handle Installation
2:28 – Chute Installation
3:08 – Deflector Cable Installation
4:03 – Speed Control Rod Installation
5:04 – Connecting the Wire Harness
5:38 – Skid Shoe Adjustment
6:03 – Checking & Adjusting the Tire Pressure
6:19 – Checking the Oil Level
6:51 – Safety System Tests
7:16 – Auger/Impeller Control Test
7:33 – Traction Drive Control Test
7:50 – Free Hand™ Control Test
8:14 – Clean-out Tool
8:26 – Resources for Additional Information

First, you should make sure you have the proper tools for assembly, including a torque wrench, Phillips screwdriver, air gauge, pliers, side-cutting pliers, 10mm and 13mm wrench and a cloth for checking oil levels.

In summary, begin installation by removing all packaging materials and installing the handles, including the connection of the traction drive and auger control cables. Next, install the chute by inserting the chute rotation rod and aligning the chute over the proper opening, and then connecting the deflector cable. Finish connection of the speed control rod, and then install the steering cables and wire harness. Adjust the skid shoes to your desired ground clearance, using less clearance for a hard surface and more for a gravel surface. Check and adjust the tire pressure to the proper levels and make sure to check the oil level, adding oil if needed. Finally, regularly perform system safety tests to make sure your snow blower is working properly.

Remember to review your operator’s manual prior to using. Visit for more information.

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