Briggs & Stratton Electric Pressure Washer Review & Test

First run, Test, and Review. A detailed look at my new Briggs and Stratton Pressure washer and what it’s capable of. I have owned many electric power washers, this one, so far, is the nicest I’ve had.
If you have any questions, Feel free to ask!
Model #020358



20 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton Electric Pressure Washer Review & Test

  1. Hi, I'm looking at getting an electric pressure washer and considering the brand reviewed in this video. How did it hold up, still going after 7 years? How was parts/support for when you need to replace parts on it?

  2. Great in-depth review. ¬†This, in my opinion is what an actual review consist of. ¬†You explain everything in detail, and you also showed how everything you explained works. ¬†Does the quick detach hose mount come with, or did you have to get separate? What about the connection from hose to the pressure handle? ¬†Does it come with, or did you have to get separate? Others should take notes. ¬†You went through everything, without rambling on like others, which usually takes and extra 10 mins. ¬†I've clicked on other reviews where it just does a picture slide, with music… ¬†What kind of review are those?? ¬†Keep up the great work. ¬†I'm subscribing. ¬†Thank you..

  3. How is plugging a wire into the wall more of a pain in the ass then running out of gas, having to go to the store to get more, and changing the oil every 10hrs?
    By the time you get it running, (if the carb doesn't take a sh*t on you, and it will) I'll be done washing my equipment.
    There are advantages to both, u cant run a gas motor in a basement, or a garage.
    And a "consumer grade" electric washer wont have the power of a gas, but it's a lot less hassle.
    Pro grade electric washers are crazy

  4. I'm incredibly glad I didn't buy an electric pressure washer. That would not have done the job that I needed it to do. And when you consider that you can get a 3200psi gas powered pressure washer for $400 it is well worth it to have the power and the mobility that you just can't get with electric. When pressure washing you already have two hoses to deal with and I can tell you that electric cord is going to be an incredible annoyance. Spend the money. Go with gas powered.

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