44 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton Engine Propane Conversion – Running In 10 Minutes Easy!

  1. Did no one notice that the copper propane pipe is resting against the muffler? I hope that vibrating bed frame works quick for the wife.

  2. I think most people writing negative posts here have missed the intent to prove the concept works and its not meant to be a finished application. Are there some safety concerns? yes but don't miss the intent to prove simplicity. If anyone feels the need to pursuit this application, there are many professional applications that are safe and available.
    Thanks for sharing this idea and concept. Ingenuity at its best!!

  3. I like those simple thing , i will do almost the same thing for my chin 3 wheelers motorcycle I will use a BBQ regulator and a stove pressure turn on off valve

  4. I know what happened to the old carb, it was lobbed into the field in frustration, those old B&S carbs are garbage. Good job on the propane conversion.

  5. Dude you are a badass. My kind of mod. Also, aren't bed frames just great? I use them all the time for projects.
    Started with watching your gasifier and got here, lol.

  6. Ok, a critique of this engineering expediency. While the expired plate doubling as throttle control, bailing wire, and copper tubing may do it for the uninitiated, the more tech savvy of us out there swooned noticing, as we do, the engine mount was an old bed frame. Now, I've seen some bailing wire, spit and gum contraptions but, bed frame components? Genius, sir.

  7. Interesting that a small 4 cycle engine can run on propane w/o a carb…. now the question is can a 2 cycle engine do the same ? Perhaps one line for the propane, and a small second line from a 2 cycle oil tank…. which I assume would have to be pressurized….

    If I have a 4 stroke small engine with gummed up carb, can I forget about cleaning or replacing the carb, and just run the propane line into the carb, or into the engine w/o carb, as this guy has done ?

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