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  1. what was it doing before you found this issue? mine starts fine but starts to loop up and down (rev up and down till it almost dies then back up)

  2. I have a 7.5 hp briggs and Stratton power washer. I bought a complete new carburetor and installed and having the same problem I was having. It will start for about 2 seconds if you take fuel line off and but will not start with the fuel line connected. flooded all the time with with fuel line connected.

  3. The info I read said that the main reason gaskets and seals go bad is the alcohol in gas. It only gets worse with E85 in use. You are supposed to use
    gas with no alcohol.

  4. I have the exact same mower that is featured in this video, can someone please tell me where the oil filter is at, I can't find it and sears keeps telling me this model has one but can't show me

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  6. have a brigs on a craftsman pressure washer , runs with choke on (idle) stalls out if you turn choke off. any sugestions

  7. Valves prob out of adjustment. The OHV cover on the front …if you take that off has the valves in there. They often go out of adjustment after 200+hrs. The neighbor had the exact same thing happen. Wouldn't even start after jumping it off a car battery. And he had it adjusted for 40 bucks and new gasket …no oil leak & no problem starting. When the valves are out of adjustment puts to much resistance on starter. Wont start.

  8. I've got this same engine on a Poulan. When I go to start it, with a good charge on the battery, it clicks but won't turn over or even attempt to crank. Any suggestions?

  9. You're not paying attention: I've done this for 40 years. If anybody would know what is quality and what isn't, it's got to be me. That's a fact.
    You would think after working on thousands of pieces of Tecumseh-powered machines, I would know.
    I've been to dozens of schools/factory-in-house training programs and update seminars.
    Tecumseh is NOT out of business. Like I've said, I'm a Tecumseh dealer. Wouldn't that mean anything, coming from a dealer? They just stopped production.

  10. I know, as well as everybody else that Tecumseh went out cause its quality, that's nice if Indian didn't go out for that reason, just becase one goes out one was doesn't mean the other one did for that reason If im trying to be a "youtube expert"… cool! You are too

  11. If you were born 80 years ago, you'd be arguing about which is better: Harley or Indian motorcycles.
    Indians were the best made but still went out of business.
    There were hundreds of quality motorcycle companies that went out of business and none of it was because of poor quality or workmanship.
    Do more research before you again attempt to portray yourself as (another) "youtube expert".

  12. Speaking of "facts straight" the "people say the old ones are better at all?" (whatever that means) don't have the 40 years experience that I have.
    Look, kid: You got to listen to the guys (like me) who do this for a living. I run a 2 man shop and repair up to 12 pieces of equipment a day (12's my record)
    I'm "hands on" with small engines.
    The morons who you listen to don't have the mechanical ability to reset a mouse trap, much less understand a small engine.
    Listen to the expert…me.

  13. Just be sure to use a 1/2" wrench on area provided.
    Don't think it unscrews by grabbing the solenoid with a pair of channel lock pliers.

  14. You better get your "facts stright" [sic]
    With your child-like typing skills, I'm supposed to believe anything you say about small engine technology?
    Two words, kid: "NIGHT SCHOOL".

  15. Appx. 14 years small engine, 6 years heavy equipment (J.D. industrial) couple years automotive, 2 years fleet school buses and vans and worked on 2 outboard engines (marine?)
    Tecumseh's plastic-fuel bowl on aluminum carbs plug easy but there's nothing wrong with them that proper maintenance can't cure. Loose rocker studs? How often was valve clearance checked? That would have been caught.
    he engines are only as good as the person working on them.
    Take some small engine classes.

  16. They're not "out of business". Engine production stopped. May resume soon according to president of Certified Parts Corp. which bought engine production assets. I'm a Tecumseh dealer (Briggs, too) and know a bit more than the average "youtube experts".
    As far as your "why…out of business?" comment, did you know this country had hundreds, if not thousands of auto and motorcycle manufacturers that went "out of business"?
    Duesenberg among them. Finest car ever made.
    Tecumseh is still around.

  17. Rightio buddy, for starters, a mechanic of 40 years? is that marine, automotive, outdoor power equipment, diesel fitter? People that know alot about cars know jack shit about outdoor power equipment. I am an outdoor power equipment mechanic and i have to deal with this shit day in, day out. Tecuntseh engines are the biggest hunk of shit made. All the elect. start ones sound like the starter motor is gonna fall apart. The carby's are plastic and alloy, the rocker studs constantly come undone.

  18. They stopped production years ago and never will start again. They are a bucket of shit that should never have made the market. And yes you are correct, the very early ones were good and they just turned to crap, would be the very last engine i would buy. I would buy a chinese honda before i bought a tecumseh

  19. Ok if Tecumseh engines are fine why do people say the old ones are better at all? why did they go out of business? why are all there new engines crap? Get your facts stright

  20. After over 40 years of mechanics I'm qualified to say this: WRONG!
    There's nothing wrong with Tecumseh engines and even any Briggs engines.
    I've found out that everyone who whines about Tecumseh engines being crap is because they're frustrated wannabe mechanics who can't troubleshoot, much less repair one correctly.
    I see it all the time.
    You just got to be smarter than the engine, which in my case is damn easy.
    I've never seen any thrown rods, just poor mechanics.
    Tecumseh engines are fine.

  21. I just recently took my car off of mine and cleaned it and cannot remember how to hook the hooks and springs back on for the choke and throttle if you have any info please help

  22. Jeez, i have never seen a small engine with a worn out cam lobe but atleast u got the husky for only a $100. Good luck with the repair and glad i could help

  23. Update, I pulled the sump this morning, and the exhaust lobe on the camshaft is almost gone. When I bought this gorgeous Huskee rider, (for $100.00) it was very low on oil, and the oil was black. Probably never checked, or changed it. Everything else looks pretty o.k. inside, so now it's off to find a junk engine with a good camshaft. Thanks again for the advice, and the confidence booster that I needed to open it up.

  24. I did remove the head, turned it over and poured gas into it, and it leaked through. So I removed the valves, cleaned them and put them back in the head and re-tested. This time no gas flowed through, and I thought it was fixed, but when I put it back together, it still had the same symptom. It is not backfiring, just exhausting through the carburetor and the exhaust pipe too. I did not get to work on it today, but all I have to do is remove the sump to see the camshaft, tomorrow probably.

  25. Have you removed the head to see if both valves are seating correctly and doesn't have a burnt valve? Also you can check that the carby is clean as this can make it backfire aswell as a slightly sheered flywheel key. If this the engine isnt knocking, rattling, smokey or leaking oil, i wouldnt bother stripping it down yet

  26. Very cool, thank you so much. On this one it starts easy, and runs, but there is exhaust coming out through the carb as well as the exhaust. I checked the valves and they are o.k. but the exhaust valve travels about 1/8 inch, and the intake valve fully compresses the spring. I removed the engine today, and plan to open it up tomorrow. Now I just need to find a junk engine with a good cam shaft, as a new one is gonna run almost as much as I paid for the mower. Again, thanks.

  27. Hey MrDanrob62, i have never seen a cam out of an intek avs with a worn cam lobe, its usually a busted decompressor. Its not very hard to do. Basically you only have to remove the engine from the frame, drain the oil, take the sump off, line the too timing marks up so that both dots are facing each other. Make sure u scrape all the gasket off and refit a new sump gasket of 15 thou thickness. As long as it doesnt rattle or knock, it should be fine without having to inspect everything else

  28. Hey jeffy0807, I wonder if you might be so kind as to advise me on something? I purchased a very nice mower for resale purposes, and it has that same engine on it, and has a worn cam lobe. I plan to get a junk motor that has a good camshaft in it, and swap it. How difficult is that to do? and do you have any pointers that you could offer on doing the job? Anything I should look for inside to indicate other problems? Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

  29. uhhhh its got nothing to do with petrol getting in the oil. I had 1 come through my shop, which was a husqvarna 21v42 with a 21hp avs single cyl and it smashed the cam to pieces without throwing a rod. Another reason they also throw rods is because the carbys are shit and the throttle shaft falls out and it over revs, especially the Nikki carbys.

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