28 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton Fuel Pump Vacuum Tube Repair on Lawn Tractor

  1. Just paid $150 (ouch) to have my fuel pump on my Simplicity tractor replaced. I wish I would have seen this video before I had the "work" done. I am now a fan of donyboy73 and will be looking at all your videos before I even consider a repair store!

  2. thanks for videos. I was able to change the starter gear on my lawnmower following another video of you. now I went ahead and change the oil as well,but overfilled it. then I realized and chaned it again and put the correct amount in there, but the mower smokes now. is there a fix for that or it has to be done by pros. thanks again for great vidoes.

  3. Thanks so much for this video. Just replaced my vacuum hose in 5 minutes. Mower runs better, and I don't have to worry about a gas leak! There was quite a bit of gas collecting on the valve cover and getting blown around. Luckily it's on the opposite side of the muffler or things could have been…explosive.

  4. Great video. I have a Deere tractor which is having intermittent issues getting fuel. I started by replacing the filter. Then I replaced the hose between the filter and pump, which was cracking badly. As of now, the tractor is running, but I'm barely getting any fuel in the filter. My next steps would be to replace any or all of the following: 1) The line between the tank and the fuel filter (big job). 2) the fuel pump 3) the little vacuum hose as shown in this video. Any thoughts?

  5. i'm hoping you might tell me the horsepower of this model briggs 243431 1132-01 90031414. it is missing the sticker that tells the ratings and this biggs is very big bigger than the 13 hp than i have in my garage unsure if it is 16 or 19 hp and it is on a home-lite  5000 ac 2500 dc generator

  6. Hi I  am looking at a  used poulan pro 54 inch with a 24 hp intec v twin ,,,,,, the cylinder with the  fuel pump is  not  firing or  its  very  weak  and  has a loss of  power ,,,,,,,,  and  the exhaust is  quite  loud ,,,,,,,,, could the vacuum line  and  exhaust  be  related  
    it  boggs down  when the deck is  engaged also ,,,,,,,,, could  just the vacuum effect everything I  mentioned  ? im  sure there are  other possibilities ,,,,,,,,,  but  for such a  large  machine its  hard to  pass  up  in  good  shape for  250 dollars . especially  if  it  could  be fuel related or  just  possibly  valve timing what would  the  symptoms  of  both  be  possibly ?

  7. (26hp briggs vtwin)  Gas is  spurting out the center of pump. Gas lines & impulse tube are good. Valves are adjusted, It starts good, Need a little choke for max RPM. No power or bogs down in thicker grass. (that could be to dull blade)
    Is the fuel pump shot?
    PS all the repairs I did on all my  equipment was info from your site.
    I  appreciate your  response I can't find any info on the web

  8. How do I diagnose a fuel supply problem?  I just watched your defective Vacuum Tube video.  Motor died. Cranking over but not starting.  Could it be the fuel pump?

  9. Wish someone would post a video of putting a fuel pump kit in a Flo Jet down draft carb with 4 screws,Integral vacuum pulse pump model 42a707,sure would appreciate it.If there is such a video or helpful video,send it to me,thx in advance..mine is 18 hp b&s twin 2

  10. Great vid! I have a brig and strat 17.5hp 500cc how do you tell which valve is exhaust and which is intake, without taking engine apart? Thanks.

  11. hey donny do all lawn tractors have a fuel pump ? or some models don't need them because the gas tank is just above the carb and gravity does the rest?

  12. Thanks, I suspected I had an issue with my vacuum hose (mine is the curved one, 793147). Took a look at it and it's split all the way down the side, was losing power like crazy. Hoping that's all it was. Installing it on Tuesday.

  13. Wicked! Very helpful. I learned how the pump works, where it is and that lead me to a vacuum leak. Thank-you very much. You took the time to share this wisdom and I am very grateful for the time and money you have saved me.

  14. That is another problem I am glad to know about even though I have not had it yet on my mowers. One of the mower's is a Craftsman with a Briggs & Stratton engine in it. I love how easy it is to repair that problem, and will remember this fix just in case I have a fuel problem like that. Again, I thank you so much for producing this video to help us out.

  15. I have fuel that will squirt out of the three little holes on the fuel pump cover, any idea if that is a sign my pump is bad. The mower will bog down in tall grass and start surging.

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