Briggs & Stratton – How to Check the Oil on your Lawn Mower

Briggs & Stratton has made checking the oil on your lawn mower, snow blower, or any power equipment powered by a small engine, very easy! At the start of the season, checking oil levels is key to not only general small engine maintenance but to ensure the longevity of your lawn mower, snow blower or tractor.

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24 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton – How to Check the Oil on your Lawn Mower

  1. Use SAE 30, CF rated oil. 10w30 can also be CI-4. Any other oil is factory EPA scheme. These engines need zinc and ash content much higher than what they may currently recommend.

  2. But my 3000px powerflow+ plus show it not being screwed in in the video, not mentioned in the manual. I have just run it. Briggs and Stratton please help. Please state in your manual

  3. Bought a $800 briggs and Stratton generator that was broken out of the box. Called customer service and they all but laughed at me, kept me on the hook for 3 hours. All to find out I would need to buy the part to fix it. IT WAS BROKEN OUT OF THE BOX, they sell 3 year warrantys that don’t cover anything also

  4. I change my oil once a season even in the check and add (joke) I use American XT 10w30 full synthetic in all my 4 cycle engines from 3.5hp to 24hp and never no problems

  5. Worthless video. How do you open the yellow plugged??? I using the screw driver damages it. Whoever made these lawnmowers needs to have their heads checked.

  6. the question that often arises with those little briggs dipstick/plugs, is if oil level is read with stick screwed home—or with it out and dipped back in from unscrewed position, as you do with Honda's Chinese knockoffs Sanli etc..I've done a lot of mower repairs but I was never 100% certain on the Briggs oil level check..

  7. How do I find out how much oil(can't find my owner's manual). That is one slick looking mower by the way. Where can I get one? Probably doctored up for this video.

  8. We know how to check to check the oil level. How do I add oil to an engine that ONLY has a plug?  It's NOT the convenient oil cap on top style.

  9. how about directions on how to remove the lower style oil cap.  My mower has a small yellow cap that does NOT screw off easily and using a tool is going to damage or break it.  Nice job, Briggs 🙁

  10. I have too much oil in my mower and i need to mow my grass. Every time I start it white smoke comes out not sure how dangerous that is. I'm new to this

  11. It's not too complicate too if you have lower plug only as i do. Found it in 5 mins at given briggsandstratton supportpage (you can notice this in video).
    Level your engine, unscrew the lower plug and make sure oil is at top. Like it will go over the edge if you add some more.
    If you change or add oil, just add slowly as much as you can till oil starts to flow over.

  12. 20227 view. worthless video; everyone knows how to read a dipstick, tell us about the engines that have only a plug.

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