Briggs & Stratton – How To Find Your Engine Model Number

Need help finding your engine model number? Knowing your engine model number is important so you can maintain and service your engine if necessary. Watch this Briggs & Stratton video to identify your model, type, and code number on outdoor power equipment!

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27 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton – How To Find Your Engine Model Number

  1. I apologize for the issues that you have had with locating the manual for your engine, if you can get me the type number off of your engine I can get you the manuals that you are after. The best for getting back to you would be to submit a question on our web site.

  2. One of my GOOD lawnmowers mowers will show up on your site but the type is 1427-01 but it just shows 1427-99. I'm not sure what the deal with that is there but what ever I have the original owners manual it came with when my dad bought it 34 years ago.

  3. My Old Briggs and Stratton 3.5 HP has 11 digits for the code, how do I go about finding out the information about this motor? Its stamped clearly and I can read it easily,

  4. On small vertical shaft engines you will sometimes have to take off the top cover to see the model & type number.  On some horizontal engines the model & type number are on the under side of the valve cover & may require a flashlight to be seen. The Type number is really just the 1st 4 digits, the last 2 digits are a trim number and are used primarily to ID the engine's emissions.  The code number is a date code YYMMDD the last 2 digits are production numbers.  This is as I understand it.  Please correct me if I'm wrong B&S

  5. If briggs & stratton could have made there engines from cow shite, i quite believe they would have. Any time I come across one of these built to a price pices of crap I cringe. Ask your self who is getting the benefit of all this penny pinching? Not American workers these days.

  6. Have a chipper/shredder made by MTD ~ 2003.  When I enter the numbers [checked thrice] on the B&S website it can't find any info on it…local small engine shop had no luck either.  WHY can't they stick to manufacturing a relatively small number of carb models rather than spewing out an ever-increasing # of variants?  It's not as if they're really making huge improvements with each variant.  No wonder this crap keeps going up in price-they have to keep hiring more and more CSR's to tell you that they can't find your model #…"so solly"….

  7. How nice. Except this is NOT what I found my Sears garden tiller with a 900 series B&S engine. This information was recorded on a DECAL that will soon fall off in the hostile environment.

    Honda engines for me.

  8. Had the metal plate, no number stamped or etched…smooth as a baby's bottom! I emailed customer service on Tuesday morning…was Friday evening before I got my answer. I had to send them the serial number off a sticker so they could tell me the model number.

  9. I have a Briggs and Stratton engine and the engine is over 40 years old and the name tag is missing, is there another way to identify the type engine so I can get a new carburetor? It came on a simplicity garden tractor. Thanks, Stanley  Date 05/10/2016

  10. Knowing the model number will help you unless it was made more than 10 years ago, in which case BS is exactly that. Note the lack of responses here. They don't want to hear from you.

  11. Is the "code" the same as the "code date"? I need to know what "code date" of the engine…?? Website says code date before 07020700 has one part number and after code date 07020600 is something else–but my "code" starts with 09121 (is that before 700 or after 600…??)

  12. Anyone have an idea where the spark plug is on the Lowes/Briggs & Stratton 205cc, 22 in, single stage, electric start snow blower model no. 1696506-00?

  13. I've always thought this was a good brand however I will never purchase your equipment again due to the fact that your advertisements on YouTube are thoroughly annoying and altogether too loud

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