50 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton Ignition Diode Repair on Lawn Tractor

  1. Another great video,thanks. I had a friend ask me about not getting any spark on his push mower. We went through taking off kill switch wire, spacing the coil gap & he even changed the coil. New plug. This is a single cylinder, no points. Any ideas?

  2. Thank you for replying. The magnets pull a screwdriver really strong. Other than that is there any other way to check them?

  3. yYou have great habits….with putting the bolts in a container….I do the exact same thing…I learned by loosing bolts from time to time….as i'm sure you did too…but its awesome to see yu are teaching others to do it right the first time!!!!!

  4. yes that would be good but if u do that they spray gas out of the carb and have less than half the power so if u had a 12 hp twin running on one cylinder it would only have about 4 hp. the car they made like that is the dodge charger.they run on 4 pistons at low speeds

  5. One question out of curiosity. Why a two cylinders on a riding mower ? Isn't 12 hp single cylinder plenty for its purpose ? I only see more fuel consumption here for the same amount of work.

  6. I had a strange problem with my 2001 sears GT. charging guage was going negative and did a lot of testing and …Finally…. pulled the flywheel off and the Magnets had come off the inside of the flywheel…….$90.00 later it works it works just fine….

  7. thank you for the video. i have a cub cadet rider mower. i ran over some landscaping anti-weed material that tangle around the blades. i removed the material, but now my mower does not even turn over. any ideas? I am a novice when it comes to engines, but am learning by watching you videos. thank you again.

  8. Great video as usual. I know it is VERY time consuming to shoot and edit videos like this. I really appreciate the time you take to do this. I run a small engine repair shop and your videos are a valuable tool.

  9. Excellent video (as well as other ones you have done). My mower, when I turn the key, I get one "click" sound and that's it. It was working last year and then I used your other video to adjust the valves…just replaced the battery and now it will just "click" once…starter doesn't even move. Any ideas?

  10. Hi i have a bad diode on my riding mower and want to replace but the 2 companies in town don't have any on hand so i want to go to the electronics store and pick up a diode but they need amp and voltage ratings on it. it's a Tecumseh OV490EA Can you tell me what the specs are on the diode i need. Here is the part number Diode for Tecumseh 611161 / 33-420


  11. Can only start my murry mower by jumping it with a outside battery using jumper cables. I hook the red terminal from the bat. to the red cable connection that comes from the mower battery. And then turn on key and touch the nag. cable from the outside bat. to the outside body of the starter,and it starts? Thats the only way it will start.


  12. Yard Machine MTD, rider, 12.5 HP.
    Quit in middle of mowing, electrical problem, turning key to start = nothing.  Pushed it into garage and charged the battery, cleaned teminals, after an hour, started right up and mowed for about 20 minutes and same thing – stops dead, key won't start.  Charged for 5 minutes – started up again.  HELP!
    What do you think?  Charging system?

  13. Which way are the diodes positioned? anode/ cathode?
    You could get 2 properly sized diodes @ Radio Shack and bypass the defective diode module and save big buck$!

  14. One cylinder not firing;..does not save any fuel, it just gets sucked into the cylinder, does not burn and cleans the walls, rings/piston so they rub themselves to pieces!

  15. hey don, I am trying to work on a scotts by john deere lawn tractor, this guy said that if I got it running I can have his snapper lawn mower. the lawn tractor will not crank over with the key so I tried to hot shot it, still nothing, so I poured gas in the intake and jumped it right to the starter, it cranked over but didn't start which leads me to belive that it is a wiring problem. so today I go down there w/ some fuses and I switched out the 30 fuse with a new 30 fuse and with no hot shot I turned the key and I heard a pop, I looked down at the fuse and it was blown so then I took a thin wire stripped the ends of it and stuck it in the fuse socket so then I cranked the engine and it started up and ran for 2 seconds and shut off, I went to unplug the homemade fuse bypass and it was very very hot, any suggestions?

  16. Thanks for the vid most unusual.    I understand that you replaced the diodes, solve the problem.      Not sure that I understand electrically WHY it solved the problem.   I thought that the diodes were attached to the stator and were part of the electricial charging system, for the battery/lights/PTO clutch etc.   The single black wire appears to connect to the regulator/rectifier.    How does grounding the diodes kill the engine?     Why are the diodes connected to the coils(normal grounding tab) instead of the stator?

  17. My friend mentioned that his lawn tractor wouldn't turn off the other day.

    Came across your video and mentioned to him the ignition diode. Showed him the video on my phone.
    He had already done everything you mentioned. Playing musical parts…

    $18 fix. Thank you sir.

  18. Any suggestions on a- 14 hp kawasaki lawn tractor motor, tht has no spark? Guy say's it need's a coil! But i've seen online, tht they also have an Igniter Modual tht cause's issues some time's!? Can this Modual be Bi passed? My Brigg's engine's never had one of these… ltr

  19. Hi, I just picked a same kind tractor with 14hp V Twin Briggs. Every time I start it there's fuel spilling out the carburetor.I noticed that there's some sort of uncapped tube(looks more like a primer hose nipple) and fuel is jetting off it like crazy. I couldn't locate any fuel return line or something of that kind. What's an I missing? Engine 303777 with carburetor 808728(part number is taken from the diagrams).
    Thanks for any input.

  20. I really appreciate you uploading this. My Briggs And Stratton engine is slightly different from yours, but oddly had the same problem. Because you so graciously included the part number, I now have the part on order, it should solve my problem as well!

  21. Need help for Murray riding mower. The briggs starts OK and runs until I let the clutch out. So I replaced the brake/clutch switch and the PTO switch. The problem remains the same. So I replaced the ignition switch which did not help. It starts and runs until I let the clutch out. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks…jz

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