Briggs & Stratton InTek Oil Filter & Tune Up Parts – Armchair Mechanics & Experts

This is a rant about armchair mechanics on youtube who think they are experts and do not even have any related content on their own channel.

This video covers the two oil filters used on Briggs & Stratton InTek engines. The B&S OEM numbers are 492932 for the short filter (2-1/4 long) and 491056 for the long version (3-1/2 long). The other oil filters are Wix 51348 and Purolator L10241 which are less expensive than the small engine filters.

The spark plug used in my single cylinder engine is a Champion RC12YC which crosses over to a NGK BKR5E (V-Power) #7938 and it runs perfect on the upgraded spark plug.

Spiteful comments from people who have never wrenched on equipment for a living and have little if no experience as a mechanic, don’t waste my time with your expert opinion.



11 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton InTek Oil Filter & Tune Up Parts – Armchair Mechanics & Experts

  1. My questions is regarding the micron rating of each and wondering if there would be any issues with that.  The Briggs 492932 oil filter is the 2.25" filter.  The exact cross WIX to this is the 57035.  Has a 32 micron rating.  The Wix 51056 is 2.707" long and has a 21 micron rating.  The Wix 51348 is 3.404" long.  The gaskets are all the same as is the thread.  Burst pressures, bypass and flow ratings are all basically the same.  So the difference is micron rating of the media.  Since the micron of the 51348 is smaller it's more restrictive.  But the surface area is larger.  So perhaps it's OK to use on an OHV Briggs 24HP Professional Series like mine.  I don't really know.

  2. Thanks for the info on oil filters.  I thought I could use the Purolator L10241 and have the extra capacity and filter media.  My 18hp B&S is on a Ransome walk behind and I didn't have enough room for the 3 1/2'..

    I was able to get a short  Wix 57035 which fits and seems to work just fine.  
    Thank you again 

  3. Dude, WHY would you give a shit about what a LOW Life would have to say if you KNOW what you are doing. You just gave in to his BS life and wasted 6 minutes of my life coming down to his BS Level. 

    DO What you KNOW and move on. These people will burn in hell and we are here for your best know how. 

    It is YOUR channel, could you not just delete his comment and Block him? 

    Happy Days bro and thanks for making great videos.   PS: Haters will Hate ( and HIDE)

  4. You have to love morons that think they know what there talking about… Briggs offers short standard (black) and premium (yellow) filters, as well as the extended standard and premium versions…

    The extended filters are actually preferred over the short filters, Why…? Because they have a higher filtering capacity… The only reason why the short filters are even offered, is for equipment that don't have the room for a full length filter…

    I have recently started using the Ford FL-400S filter on my LTX1050VT, it has the 24 HP Briggs Professional engine. Normally that big of an engine would hold two quarts, but with the extended length filter it holds an extra eight ounces of oil.

  5. Thanks for the info. I wish I had seen it as soon as you made it. I've been using the shorties the whole time, thinking I had to. I'll start using the long ones and, it seems, extend the engine life of my tractor.

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