Briggs & Stratton Lawnmower Carb Diaphram Repair

Briggs & Stratton Lawnmower Carb Repair. A simple diaphragm under the carburetor is what very often will wear out on these engines. It is a very simple fix. Since there are various diaphragms for Briggs & Stratton engines my best advice is to go on ebay and find a preferred vendor with a good rating and have them help you with the part number. Ebay is less money than Amazon and also many other online parts dealers.

Usually Briggs & Stratton service part number #495770

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37 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton Lawnmower Carb Diaphram Repair

  1. They don't cost much either. This is the stuff I think 95% of the people buy. Average people don't spend $500 or more on a lawnmower. But the very common problem is just the carburetor diaphragm, which is a $2 part. And it's very easy to change if a person is shown how. I've had some of these last well over 10 years of hard use, but know how to maintain them. I like doing these tips here since they are useful for most regular people. It's a useless tip for the ones on "snob-hill".

  2. The better engines use a needle valve and float assembly in the carburetor. In the much older Briggs & Stratton engines even the cheapest ones used to be made this way. I bet they sell more lawnmowers and get more business at the service centers by using this cheap rubber diaphragm.

  3. Yeah..I like your idea about finding and keeping these engines when shtf . Having a few of these around will be like gold!!

  4. Nope, that ain't why. I always buy Briggs (USA) but no doubt the Japs make better stuff. A lot of stuff in the USA is not made like it was 50 years ago. There are some exceptions. I buy USA cars too. Have a Harley for 25 years but also realize Jap bikes are quality. Briggs wet downhill. Wish they didn't. I still buy Briggs. Just cuss it out.

  5. this guy doesn't have a clue on how to repair lawnmowers .I have been working on engines for 40 years and i'll take a briggs and stratton over honda any day .hondas are complete trash I have repaired at least 10 hondas that were brand new this year

  6. B&S has them beat in price. Glad I taught you how to do a simple carb repair since you've been working "on engines for 40 years".

  7. If you had a clue on how to fix carbs on briggs you would know that most only need simple cleaning. You rarely need to replace the gasket unless its ripped.And any idiot that would bend the whole plate out instead of just the tab ,to make engine run faster ,has no clue on engine repair. go back to your regular job

  8. I did clean it and it worked fine. I put in a new gasket later. So what's the matter you don't like shortcuts. Listen prick, why don't sit on a sharp stick.

  9. I wonder if Briggs and Stratton went down hill. I have another very old 17 lawnmower with a Briggs and Stratton engine and that one runs almost like new with no oil burning.

  10. Ty for the vid. VS paying $30 a yard mowing I picked up a used push with B&S for $60. Ran great the first cut but now running odd three cuts later. What to expect with a cheap mower…yeah well, more than what's going on now. It's vibrating like crazy. First I found out that the cover is crap and vibrates. Took that off, helped. Cleaned the carb but didn't notice the diaphragm issue. I'll check that out. I also noticed a position issue with the throttle that I'll go fix right now. Thanks again.

  11. You can clean the diaphragm but if it is very old replace it for $2 cost. With commercial use they may be cleaning the diaphragm every 3 months.

  12. I had a similar problem I was cleaning the gunk out from behind the carb with a flat head and must have snagged the back of the diaphragm which stretched and caused a gas leak. I slipped and thin layer of rubber in the spot where it was stretched without taking the carb apart completely "just removed the screws and lifted enough to slip in the rubber". Now the leak is fixed but the engine idles high and low, high and low. Now I know why. Thanks for the vid. And don't listen to the "Pro" Jim=Pud

  13. He's probably mad because this vid saves people a few dollars. I'm not familiar with small engines in detail but have dome complete Harley engines, Mopars and Chevy's. A lawnmower is way less complicated. Surprisingly, my ancient Briggs & Stratton engine that is 17 years old burns no oil and runs perfect. This newer one burns lots of oil. Got a feeling Briggs might have changed something. I'm definitely keeping the real old mower. May last 20 more years 🙂

  14. Not really, it's just ethanol and idiots who can't take care of their shit. I'm sure if Honda was the big dog in small engines people would complain that they suck only because theres so many idiots who never change their oil after breaking it in and not using fuel stabilizer, then wondering why their mower won't start in the spring. Plus, let face it, what the hell do you expect for a $99 push mower. BTW, the jets in those plastic carbs ARE removable, I have seen crap in the the jets before.

  15. That has nothing to do with why the new one burns oil and the ancient one works perfect. Both are Briggs & Stratton and both were maintained. And that diaphragm screws up no matter what additive you put in the gas. That is just how it is. I use fuel stabilizer.

  16. The jet is not the problem. And do you think this shit is complicated? NO. For $5 more Briggs could use the old style carb. But Most people would buy a new mower or bring it to a place and get charged $100 for a $2 part. That's the little game Briggs & Stratton is playing.

  17. what is the model of the 17 year old mower? (quantum, 3.5, quattro, ect.) It may have a sleeve (highly doubt it but possible) or was better taken care of.

    You see people like "Spritsofthewolf" who use and love choke o matic carburetors to death. They too are diagrammed and he seems to have no troubles with ethanol and diaphragms. Which is why I blame idiots on why the dependable 3.5 briggs gets a lot of crap.

  18. No sleeve. I bought both brand new. For some reason the old one had no problem with the diaphragm also. The old one was cheap 3.5 hp Briggs. Nothing special and that one runs and runs and runs.

  19. I beg to differ. I've FULLY disassembled one of those plastic carburetors then hand washed it with warm water and dish soap. the 90's mower ran like new after that. They do have removable jets and I have seen crap in the jet area.The only bad thing about those plastic carburetors is that they are unadjustable. I have one at my computer desk if you want I send you some pictures of one disassembled and how to do it.

  20. I already did that. Pretty damn simple since I done plenty of 4 barrel carbs way more complicated. The lawnmower carb is the simplest carb their is. Super easy for me, anyway. The jet usually is not the problem. It's the diaphragm. In commercial use they change them out every 3 months, but regular homeowners don't know that stuff.

  21. This absolutely worked today.  My local Farm and Fleet had the diaphragm kit for 4.99.  I saved big money by not having to fork over 150;00+ for a new machine.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  22. The landfills are loaded with mowers that need a diaphragm and nothing more. I tend to avoid carb cleaners because they destroy the diaphragm. It is a good system… in my opinion. Easy fix and creates opportunities for people who know what to do. I think they would be fine if not for the ethanol.

  23. usa all the way huh? well hate to break it to ya bud but the only briggs rhats usa made is the OLD briggs they are all made in china nowadays. tecumseh as well to the best of my knowledge. need to get 80s possibly early 90s on back.

  24. Hi where can I pick up this diaphragm? I got it pulled apart thanks to your video. You saved me a lot of money. Now just where to get a new one?

  25. no wonder…yes, we know you are awesome, know it all, and still you bitch about the lawnmower but it serve you well…so put it on the trash and go and buy the Honda. yes…tough guy lol

  26. I still have mine for 6 years and it stile runs new spck plug that it I love my pusher but Briggs and Stratton is better than any other motor I have 6 mowers with a Briggs so fo

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