Briggs & Stratton Log splitter engine Part 8

Found a motor on C-list for $125. A 9hp hardly used Briggs that had fuel left in the carburetor. Never saw a carb look like this, have to watch to see what a varnished carb looks like. I’ll clean it all up and get it running in the next segment.



16 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton Log splitter engine Part 8

  1. Good find and good price !! Looks like you are going to have to tighten the spring tension on your starter.

  2. I could smell that nasty old gas from here !!! Clean it out and always use SeaFoam and you will be allright That looks like a good deal for the money I allways add about a 1/2 Oz. of Marvel Mystery oil to my 2 gal. gas can to run in my mower and garden tractor each Spring It cleans out the carbon

  3. Yes, you are so right. I cleaned the carb and it ran but only with full choke. I can't get that jet screw out, but will keep working on it. Its completely gummed up. You every try that carb dip can, those work?

  4. Its a mess and so are the little orifices inside the carb. One was plugged so tight, I couldn't get cleaner in it, used a wire from my welding brush to clear it. Its still not running unless its fully choked, so gotta take the carb off again. This is what today's fuel does when it sits. Can't describe how bad this stuff smells, worse than any chemical smell.

  5. I do the same usually but add Seafoam to my fuel. I have wanted to try the Marvel Mystery oil, think I'll pick up some of that next time at Walmart. Yea, that fuel is so bad it was giving me a headache. I just can't get over how muddy it was in the bowl, looked like chocolate syrup.

  6. Thanks, its a deal even with the carb issue. Its going to be a great runner, its a strong motor. Just have to tighten the spring a bit.

  7. I've never used that carb dip stuff, I've always soaked them in lacquer thinner!! you look like you might have some plastic to deal with, so that might not be a good idea!!☺

  8. Thanks, lacquer thinner is great stuff, so is brake cleaner, had good success with that stuff. I was surfing around and saw that Coleman generator video you did. Looks like this is the same motor, just that its a 9hp. Good little motors. Should have plenty of power for the log splitter.

  9. good find, I bought so much stuff off of craigslist, my car, my camper, can go on and on..too bad about the HB motor.

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