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  1. That mag looks like the old E style, 3 core with the coil/s wound on the middle leg and 3
    magnets on flywheel, if it is and hi-voltage side is bad, u can use it as an electro-magnet
    for experiments by using a lantern battery on points wire and the core.

  2. My flywheel has two magnets, the one you show draws the SOUTH NEEDLE like yours and My other draws the
    NORTH NEEDLE is this the way it should be , you did not show your second magnet being tested with
    the compass.. if this is correct do i need the points coil or electronic ignition Coil

  3. Zippo – Thanks for the great video, but please clarify:

    At the 5:05 mark of your video, you say that the engine magnet pictured in the video is: "South to the outside, North to the inside."

    Isn't that engine magnet pictured in the video actually a "North to the outside and South to the inside?"

    In your demonstration, the "N Arrow" of the compass is pointing away from the outside of the magnet, so doesn't that mean that the outside of the magnet is "North to the outside?"

  4. Hello / say orange to Blue blue would be sufficient orange would be insufficient Spark still there just takes more to fire move your points

  5. Hey, thanks for the video but I am a bit confused. My elementary understanding of magnets is opposite poles attract. At around the 5 minute mark of your video, the compass shows the south pole attracting to the flywheel. Would that then mean that the outside pole of the flywheel magnet is north ? You say that the outside pole of the flywheel magnet is south.

  6. Zippo I found you after trying to tackle getting my 66 landlord d23 running…o know this is an older video but I’m having a hell of a time.. I bought the newer magneto to bypass the points etc the old one was burnt up anyways. I reversed it to make the polarity right and I’m still getting very week spark… I can feel it but can’t see it? Do you know where I could be going wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and loving the videos!

  7. Zippo! Love that you take the time to share so much, thank you. I did a coil swap to eliminate the points. Put the whole thing back together and still no spark. I think I hooked up a wire i should not of from the coil maybe a kill wire? 73 montgomery wards gilson hydro 16. Is there any way to check my spark before reassembling this engine on the tractor when I tear this back down? Took a long time to do, mainly due to my limited knowledge and mechanical experience. Used the newest style coil so no sending in flywheel. Getting ready to make this my winter project, thank you.

  8. Another issue us scrap yard rats have to deal with when robbing parts of junkyard lawn mowers is that most small engines that have been run under the big crane electromagnets have had the permanent magnets in the flywheels either weakened or totally wiped out which means if you like to sang spare magnetos off junk engines or whole engines you may find that when tested for spark at the yard or when you get them home they don't show any as if the magneto is bad.

    Odds are the magneto itself is fine. The magnets are just too weakened from the electromagnet ride to the pile to get it to fire the spark plug hard enough to be seen in broad daylight.

  9. I appreciate your videos, but I have to admit this one I didn't understand. I have a vintage '75 10 hp Briggs cast cylinder, with the original coil and flywheel and my understanding is I would need to either have the flywheel reversed polarity, or install the new magnetron backwards – simply flip it. Your video almost sounded like the changed the polarity again so the new magnetrons would work with the old motors. But I don't think that is the case. So I am going to try reversing the magnetron first, then if it doesn't work flip it 180 degrees.

  10. Im still a little confused. My old points style Briggs someone put an early magnetron in. I used my compass and the flywheel pulled south like yours. Is this the right magnetron in it? Thanks,, great videos.

  11. I have an old Sears B&S cast iron engine on a home made log splitter. Have no spark, put new coil, points & condenser and still have no spark. Did your compass test and the compass points North to the flywheel so I have a North outside and a South inside magnet. Could the coil that was put on be the wrong coil? If so what would be the right coil? Sears engine # 243431 type 0742-01 code 7805101. Need help I don't want to buy a new engine. The old ones are better then the new ones!

  12. I just put a new coil on my B&S 550 series mower and it still wont spark. 2.8 ohms on the coil and the magnet are active in the flywheel. 12 thou air gap. I guess I will pull the flywheel and look for cracks unless you have any other suggestions. Happy 4th!

  13. Doesn"t seem like anyone answers comments here but Ill try anyhow. I have a Craftsman lt1000 had to replace battery after this long winter. For some reason the starter is polarized the wrong way. It spins opposite failing to kick out the gear to engage the fly wheel and crank the motor. Took out starter bench tested it and it is good it spins the correct way and kicks out the gear. Installed it is opposite therefore gear never engages the flywheel. Would this process tell me the coil itself is bad ?

  14. Just want to make one comment on the north-south using the compass if your compass says South that means it's facing to the north cuz Opposites attract that's my understanding God bless

  15. Here are the numbers I found 200431-0135-02-690 06 Any information you could give us on this would be great. Awls I know is it came off an old generator.

  16. Well thanks so much Sean. (Is Sean OK?) Great video. I wondered how i got a weak spark. The more I learn the more I learn. Thanks. I have got to go, my new grandson's family needs me. I will do a reference to this video from my coil video later.

  17. Nice one Zip. I would not have had any idea , especially if both fit the engine. Hope your back gets better soon. Been there many times myself and not pleasant.

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