Briggs & Stratton Model 8R-6.MOV

Briggs & Stratton model 8R-6 engine that came off a friends Eclipse Rollaway power mower with a 25″ cut. I had planed to restore the entire mower but upon finding some serious wear in the wheel bearing assemblies, I put it into storage in my shed. A couple years later, when I was ready to address the problem, I found that mice had nested in the box of parts and the rust from their urine was so bad I abounded the project. Only this 2.5HP engine remains. I find it amazing that this little engine was all it took to power a 25″ reel mower which one could get with an optional rider sulky and traveled at 4 MPH.



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  1. It has a big, heavy, cast iron flywheel for inertia and there is an idle adjust screw (Stop screw for the throttle butterfly) that allows you to set the idle speed.

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