Briggs & Stratton Model N 1944

First run of my model N in 5 years. Had to do a bit of carburetor work and off it went.
I have purchased an intake and breather assembly from one of the good folks here on YouTube. I just need to get over to the hardware store to find the proper sized screw to hold the breather to the intake.
Thanks for watching.
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15 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton Model N 1944

  1. Your welcome,I used to collect the 5s ,6s,5bs aluminum and the model N. I'm currently looking for a tank for my N and have not had much luck not even with e bay. But I like anyone else enjoys the sound and history of these little engines and what they were once use for.

  2. Possibly. It doesn't really have the (Militarized) look though. But they were used by the military during WWII.

  3. Thanks, It runs ok, but it needs a bit of work. The tank looks stock. It may have been produced for a specific application, It is pretty big, isn't it. LOL

  4. Runs nice! I've always liked those sedement bowls lol.I have a model N with a smaller shround mounted gas tank and a 5s style oil pan, not sure if it's original or if someone threw it together. It was all painted silver.

  5. They sure do! I put transmission fluid in it today so i can get it broke loose hopefully in a few weeks. I think its going to be a fun project

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