Briggs & Stratton Model Type and Code Decoding!!

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20 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton Model Type and Code Decoding!!

  1. What happens when you don't have a model number stamped on engine? My 4hp push mower from 2002, bought on clearance at Home Depot, MFG#02009. Family YBXSX 1581VA. The UPC doesn't bring up anything either, 0 47282 74278 5. Made in Lawrenceburg TN. Got a few partial numbers from another sticker. I'm lost here.

  2. Ok so I have both of those pdfs before but How can you find the valve specs when my exact model number and type don't show up anywhere specifically. 406577 0106 e1. Ant find it anywhere. Any help is appreciated

  3. Hey Zip, very helpful videos, is there any way to ID a Briggs and Stratton engine that has had the original starter cover replaced ? If I sent a photo to you, could you tell anything from that? Thanks

  4. Fantastic series of videos! I subscribed and liked. I'm from Indiana also, and hopefully will get to meet you at a show some day. Please keep up the great work Zip!

  5. Can you do a video on identifying lawn tractor transaxles? I know most of them myself but I think it's a good idea to raise transaxle awareness so people know not to scrap them, they don't make good ones anymore!

  6. thanks man. I was trying to figure out what year my old ariens sit down was…come to find out its an 1985…. thanks!!

  7. i herd that the code's first two numbers are the year of the motor from a lawntractor forum quite a few years ago.
    oh also picked up a free toro ' wheelhorse' friday, not sure of the year but its a 17hp oil presure briggs, 44" deck and hydrostatic. sounds great, but…..trans is locked up, motor covers are missing, hoods broke. ill try n see whats goin on with it sunday possibly. more then likely itll be used for parts , im thinkin its too far gone.👍

  8. Zip, bought a mower and was missing governor spring. This the model 127802-0209-01. mfg 94022358. Looked up on briggs site and lists two p/n 691292 and 691835. They are index 209 and 209A in parts illustration but neither one refrences this engine. Which one do you think is the correct one?

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