Briggs & Stratton Mower Keeps Dying? Engine Alternator #592831

This video provides step-by-step instructions for replacing the alternator on Briggs and Stratton small engines, commonly found in Toro, John Deere, Lawn Boy, and Craftsman riding lawn mowers. The most common reason for replacing the alternator is when the battery keeps draining.

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All of the information in this alternator replacement video is applicable to the following brands: Briggs & Stratton, Toro, John Deere, Lawn Boy, Craftsman

Tools used: 1/4” socket or nut driver, 3/8” socket or nut driver, flat-head screwdriver, 15/16” socket and pipe wrench, flywheel puller, torque wrench

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13 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton Mower Keeps Dying? Engine Alternator #592831

  1. Enjoyable disassembly and assembly video. I could not understand why this new engine created the alternator problem? What I think is it could be a manufacturing fault of you just did it for the video purpose only on a new engine and nice alternator. Regards,

  2. I need help please, i have a john deere 111 mower with a briggs and stratton in it and i used it for 3 years plowing snow, last spring the stator burned up in it ( started smokeing really bad) and now every stator i put in gets really hot and starts to do the same thing, please help fast

  3. I need help…
    I have a Exmark turf tracer and the problem is that it won't charge, in order for me to start it I have to use jumper wire and sometimes the blades won't come on because of low voltage to battery. I replaced the started solenoid, regulator, flywheel magnet was broken so I replaced flywheel and also replaced the stator. But it still won't start I have to keep using jumper wires 🙁 help please please please… I was thinking maybe the battery wires but I doubt it

  4. Ptetty smart briggs to put the alternator under the flywheel. Do your engineers go to the same school as Audi's???? Unbelievable. Come on make it simple for gods sake. Im not saying this is super hard but im 76 and its a little cumbersome. but whatever. Thanks for the vid buddy

  5. In reality, and to be technically correct, this is replacing the stator. In an alternator, you have a stator and a rotor. On a small engine such as this, the rotor is the flywheel (with the magnets around the inner circumference) and spins around the stator. When the magnets in the rotor appear over the coil in the stator, a magnetic field is developed in that coil and induces a positive (or negative) current and Each time a gap between the magnets on the rotor passes a coil on the stator, the magnetic field collapses and induces an opposite current into the coil. 1/2 of the sine wave is positive and 1/2 of the sine is negative, thus a true AC current is generated. This current has to be rectified to provide a DC current in order to charge the battery or to power a DC accessory.

  6. I want everyone looking to work on their craftsman I have a 1998 kohler commander engine on mine and its basically the same thing good luck.

  7. When charging the battery of a lawn tractor, should I put the setting on 2 amps or 6. How long will it take to charge on 2 amps? Thanks.

  8. At 3:30 it is mentioned to insert the flywheel key into the flywheel slot but removal of the key was not mentioned when the flywheel was first removed.

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