20 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton Mower Over Reving

  1. @BushcraftOnFire David my friend, I am glad that you enjoyed this. I thought that Chris and Do would like this one. God bless you and your wonderful family. John

  2. It's hard to destroy these old 3/ 3.5/ 4 hp engines by overspeeding. They were built strong for their size. They got cheaper by the early 00's though, with plastic cams and lighter connecting rods.

  3. So at what rpm can you expect to throw a rod? (or maybe have a blade "explode" out the sides from high centrifugal forces? I've also heard one person say the aluminum flywheel could/would do the same thing. Any truth to these myths? I don't think so but let me know) It sounds like these smaller, lighter engines cant physically run fast enough cause catastrophic failure due to over speeding…. Is that correct?

  4. Hi John,

    Thanks for your help…You are right, the springs are sensitive. I'm trying to fix a mower that the carburator got out of tune, can you drop by the house (I'll hold the camera!)…j/k

  5. I hate Briggs and Stratton POS.  No matter how many videos I watch to reset everything to the factory defaults on everything you can adjust, I can't get this POS to run right or idle without manually adjusting the choke and the throttle at the same time to keep the air mixture right.  I can idle it, and then to get it to go faster, I have to move both at the same time.  What a POS.

  6. No using any kind of steel flywheel key.The flywheel will to explode then when you hit something.Guy said it tore into his leg real bad.Aluminum con rod in later190cc 6 hp Briggs.Set my govenor higher than stock,never broke in 5 years to this day.Beware lugging any motor down(slow) too much.Pounds out bearings.Now I see also a valve job on these motors should revive most tired engines as long as they are not burning oil.Watch the crank seal underneath,they  get damaged from wound up string or pallet straps.

  7. Nice finds. Found an old rototiller at the dump a month back. The governor vain was cracked and the linkage was all messed up. I just removed the governor and ran it directly to the carb. Also had to tear it down and clean everything cause it was filled with water. Like 2 drops of oil came out.. works good now tho. How much are you getting a piece for those mowers? I see so many of them, but never bothered.

  8. John, watching your video, I see your problem with that mower revving too high. Look at the "V" part of the throttle shaft, the part that the linkage hooks into. That "V" should straddle the raised dimple on the carb. When the "V" is all the way in one direction and touching the dimple, it will be in the idle position. The "V" touching the dimple with the opposite part of the "V" will be full-throttle.

  9. Thanks for being the only guy in these vids about B&S governor and carburetor that showed the wind vane part of the setup and explaining how it functions.

  10. I used portions of this video to fix mine. The front bolt holding the gas tank on was lost someplace which caused the gas tank to hang low and prevented the governer from moving when the RPM's increased. Replacing that bolt fixed it. Thanks for the video.

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