Briggs & Stratton New EXi Series Engines. Just Check and Add, Never Change the Oil.

Redesigned from the ground up, the new Briggs & Stratton EXi series is loaded with the best of everything we have to offer, and then some.

EXi is the first walk-behind mower engine that will never need an oil change – ever. All you need to do is “just check and add” oil for the life of the mower engine.



21 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton New EXi Series Engines. Just Check and Add, Never Change the Oil.

  1. Lol that video looking like the movie from future ???? I'm just kidding that was horrible…. really… I think the Briggs&Stratton is verry good company and they are don't need that horrible terrible adds

  2. what a joke, I'm a small engine tech and I've got to say this i never in a million years would've thought briggs would have lowered themselves and cheaped out to this level. The harbor freight predator engines are better than anything Briggs makes today. Its products like this that make this country decline right down the tubes. The last decent engine you guys made was the quantum series and of corse they are now discontinued. Brovo Briggs.

  3. What a whopper of a gimmick! This is why your company's name is "B&S". I hope you get an ear full from service techs and consumers alike. I think I'll buy the Honda engine after seeing this.

  4. After seeing how cars with no oil changes look like under the engine head, I question the statement of 'never changing the oil'.

  5. This engine is supposed to start on one or two pulls . Mine takes 10 to 12 pulls ! It has fresh gas and a new plug . What else can I do ? It is just over one year old .

  6. I love how everyone on YouTube is a small engine expert. get a grip people! if you don't like this motor don't buy it or better yet, just change the fucking oil!!!

  7. Hello, I purchased a Toro Super Recycler lawn mower S/N 220001040, With a Briggs & Stratton GTS 6.5 HP, S/N 124K02-0110-B1 01102059, 3 years ago the fuel tank started to drip occasionally, I checked the fuel line and it was Not leaking, So I Contacted Toro and was told It was not their problem? So we continued to use the mower, Last year it started dripping worse we could only fill the fuel tank half way to avoid this leak, This year We have a Full Blown Leak that streams fuel out!! I inspected the tank with a flashlight and and can clearly see that the seam in the {Plastic fuel tank were the to 2 half's of the tank are joined together are split} THIS NOW IS A FIRE HAZARD to my wife and son how use this mower!! I called Toro again and this time I was told the fuel tank was supplied with the motor made by Briggs & Stratton and to Contact them. I called Briggs & Stratton Today, I was told that the fuel tank was not covered by the warranty as it has expired????? and wanted me to contact another company were I could purchase a replacement. How does a plastic fuel tank wear out???? The mower is kept in a garage and has always been taken care of it runs Great and Cuts Great! So again How does a plastic fuel tank wear out???? It's not a blade that has to be changed or an air filter or spark plug that has to be kept serviced! It's a fuel tank that in fact should last the life of the Mower. Please Give Me Some Help with this issue!!! I truly believe that this is in fact a manufactured Defect! And Needs To Be Addressed ASAP My case number with B&S is 444886 I feel this company does NOT in fact Support their products when Defective. Thanks You For Your Time. Sincerely Jay D

  8. Just got one and they don't tell you HOW MUCH OIL to put in!! It's out of the box, so there wasn't any in there…they just say "fill with oil" but don't OVER fill it!?!?!  Can I buy a CLUE?!
    And your video…that was one of the sorriest excuses for a product video I've ever seen. Whoever you had DO it, and OK it…hope they're no longer there!

  9. I like briggs, I would never use anything else than a brigg, but this is the dumbest thing ever, i doesnt even make any sense, if the engine doesnt burn oil, then the oil never needs to be refilled

  10. nice movie, Apple sauce…… How come the chinese people that make the engines are not in the video? I have been in the lawnmower business for over 45 years…I have seen briggs say stupid things before but this tops all!!!!!!!! All engines have a break in period, after 5 hours the oil looks like metal flake paint…..they have ruined the snapper brand also……They think they will sell more engines to manufacturers in two years only to find out people are tired of dime store,big box store low quality equipment and call in a lawn guy that mows your lawn cheaper than your wi fi bill with a kawasaki moter!!!!!!

  11. Being a warranty repair person for Briggs I can tell you that the company will try their best to NOT replace or repair any engine part that had "wear" that they see as lack of proper care. This whole never change oil is a marketing scam, even TORO reps tell us distributors to tell the consumers to dis regard the decals on the engines rather change to oil regularly as TORO is responsible for the last year of the standard warranty of three years,….. the Briggs is only two years. Briggs and Stratton have went way down hill.

  12. As a mechanic, I can tell you that the single biggest factor effecting the lifespan of an engine is quality oil and regular oil changes. There is no modification you can make to an engine that precludes the need to remove contaminants from the oil. This engine does not even have an oil filter, so this is about planned obsolescence, not convenience.

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