Briggs & Stratton Opposed Twin : Governor, Throttle & Choke Linkages

Video showing all of the throttle, governor, and choke linkages and connections on the opposed twin Briggs and Stratton engines, the engine used in the video is a 19.5HP off of a Craftsman mower, all of the opposed twin will be very similar to this. Thanks for Watching!!!



10 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton Opposed Twin : Governor, Throttle & Choke Linkages

  1. I have the same problem add a spring to make it work Cant figure out whats the problem is for the idle being wide open. fixing to fire it up for the first

  2. I bought a riding mower with this exact same set up. The linkages will not move when you move the throttle control and the engine will not throttle up or down. Choke works fine. I choke it turn the key and it starts fine I try to move the throttle cable and nothing happens. I take it off choke and it dies. I bought this to tinker with and learn. Any advice from you would be a big help and I would truly appreciate it! Thank you. Liked and subscribed.

  3. I have a craftsman LT1000 and the front axle is bent and the left wheel is rubbing of the deck when turning l would like to now can they be straitened ?

  4. I think my motor has the same issue the video's motor did prior to adding those springs. The motor will rev way to high, an adjustment of the throttle on the "dash" will not idle down the motor. Upon looking at the carb, unless I manually move the throttle adjustment on the carb itself the butterfly will not close to an idle state. Will bending the tab fix this issue?

  5. I have the same engine on my yardman. I have had hard time starting the tractor, or once it gets warm, it does not start again. I am guessing it has to do with the inverted 4 looking linkage. There is a little pin that sticks out that goes under the 4 and when I lower the throttle to slow, the pin is supposed to go under the inverted 4 or something. If I wiggle the linkage, I hear a click and see the pin go under the inverted 4. Is the a certain position I have to put the throttle to get the engine started? Thanks in advance.

  6. I sure like mine after I sent Ebay $120 for a adjustable jetted carb. NO surging now at all and the older carb is rebuildable without sinking a war pension in it. They can have every fixed-jet carb that's ever been made. Mine's on an EZ Craftsman mower and runs like an electric motor as smooth as it is. Thanks, Picker and I'm still waiting for that tune!

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