25 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton Pressure Washer Problem Solved

  1. Dude thank you! wtf it's supposed to be "choke-less". This thing has alway been such a bitch for me, but not anymore!

  2. Yeah I got a different model different brand has the same problem luckily I only had it for a month and a half and they returned it hopefully the brand new one does a little better. I think this is one of these new brands that are trying to do it all self-contained or the idle down when you're not pulling the trigger and idle up when you actually want to use it terrible design

  3. I have the 3000px. The first time I used it the oil level was too high(I didn't know that the dipstick had to be screwed in when checking). The when I went to lower the oil level I noticed that the oil smelt of petrol, so I changed the whole lot.
    Since I changed the oil to the correct level it runs alot better, however the oil often smells of fuel.
    I don't have enough jobs for it at the moment so it has only had 5 minute runs, not enough chance to run in or get hot enough really.
    Any advice? Ps it is very new, so the float valve shouldn't be stuck.

  4. Bought one for 50 bucks and almost trashed it cause it ran like crap… I remember messing with that little doo hickie …. the more you know… ๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. What a faulty design. I took mine to the approved Briggs Mechanic and they could not figure it out . I got rid of the thing . I am going Honda and Kohler the next time….

  6. Ty so much. I just bought mine and that fixed it but it doesnโ€™t have suction on my soap dispenser. It just overflows. I took the hose off the pump and the nipple screwed in and the balm and spring seem fine . Anyone have the solution?? Ty in advance

  7. Thanks for sharing this video with us. Why are we having so many problems with the "Toro" pressure washer? Everyone I talk to has an issue with them. I probably had used mine a dozen times during a year period., and just the other day, I'm having difficulty in getting it started.

  8. That shiny rod that runs from the choke lever to under the shroud,…that connects to the exhaust. As the exhaust heats up, it slowly OPENS the choke valve so that you'll run smoothly without surging, fouling and dying like you described. Your machine was already warm, so the actuator rod has already repositioned the choke to be in the OPEN position, but it it were cold, you'd see that that connecting rod has allowed the choke to CLOSE so it'll start with just a couple of pulls,…and then slowly move towards the OPEN position as the engine exhaust quickly heats up. Your spring loaded choke actuator had slipped to the wrong side of exhaust actuator arm,…causing your choke to be in the CLOSED position all the time,…running rich, fouling the plugs and dying. I know you've solved it and that this is a late post, but it might help someone who doesn't know that the Briggs and Stratton "ReadyStart No Prime, No Choke" engines, use exhaust heat to open the choke valve via that shiny actuator rod !! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Awesome video – finally an informative video that actually solves the problem. Thanks! Exactly what was wrong with mine as well!

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