Briggs & Stratton Quantum Carburetor Linkage Configuration (No Throttle Cable)

This linkage configuration is for the Briggs & Stratton lawnmower engine without a throttle cable. Make sure to bookmark this video for future reference!

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24 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton Quantum Carburetor Linkage Configuration (No Throttle Cable)

  1. Do you know why my Briggs and Stratton push mower won't start on a cold start without using starter fluid? I put a new aftermarket carburetor on because when I got the mower the carb was bad. It will start up with the new carb but only with starter fluid on cold starts and will start up when its warm

  2. Donyboy, really appreciate the clear, simple, concise delivery of information. So many of your youtube contemporaries complicate their instructions. Thanks for keeping it simple. 

    Now I have a question. I have a Coleman Powermate generator, 2250 watts, that uses a B&S 13XXX series flathead horizontal engine with Pulsa-jet tank mounted carb. The generator sat up too long, even though the fuel was stabilized before it was mothballed. I pulled it out of storage, cleaned the tank and the carb and put it all back together… almost. I can make the engine run at idle but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to adjust the throttle assembly. The only provision for engine speed that I can make out is a knob called the "Speed Adjusting Nut" that is vaguely referenced in the B&S repair manual Pn#270962.  If you have an example handy, could you please show how the throttle linkage on this generator should be hooked up, including related linkages?  The manual for the generator does not show anything either. Also, what is the best engine speed to run for best power generation balanced against engine wear and fuel consumption?


  3. Are all the linkages for these motors the same.  I was given a small MTD rototiller with this configuration but the guy ripped it apart and all that was missing is back with the exception of the linkage arm to the governor.  Another great video

  4. Hey donyboy I am working on my first lawn mower I am 16 year old trying to start a landscaping business I was wondering if u had a extra magneto/ ignition coil for a brigs and straton 500 series 5 hp plz help me if u do I will give u my address so u can mail it to me they are just to expensive

  5. Mr Donyboy i was wondering if you work on other tools other than chainsaws and tools like them(weedeaters-leaf blowers)

  6. How can you make an engine generator muffler more quieter? My generator (troy bilt 10.5 k watts) advertises 70 db of loudness. I would love to bring it down about 6 db.

  7. How close to the governor can the engine run? A few months ago I ran the front of my mower into a branch while mowing under a pine tree. It bent the bracket where the throttle spring is connected, which caused the engine to run slow. After pulling the bracket out with pliers, it runs a bit faster, but seems to bounce off of the governor on occasion (recovering from deep grass).

  8. I have a 10 HP tecumseh on my Yard king snow blower. It dies at full throttle and under load. I have cleaned the carb, used a carb rebuild kit, and I have even pulled the head, lapped and clearanced the valves, (thanks to your videos) New Head gasket and all. Cylinder walls are pristine. The Carb is a fixed jet carb. Starts on the first or second pull, and it idles perfect, but once I throttle it up, it dies. If I catch it dying I can drop the throttle to idle and it slowly recovers

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