Briggs & Stratton Quantum Engine Carburetor Repair mower started then died immediately)

Plugged gas ports in the nut which holds the carburetor’s float cup. If you’d like to cut to the chase, so to speak, skip to 3:45 in the video. Hope this helps someone.



34 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton Quantum Engine Carburetor Repair mower started then died immediately)

  1. this was actually the problem with my snow blower..after cleaning the carb numerous times with no luck, I seen this video and went out and cleaned the nut hole that goes down, it was clogged .. I said no way is it that easy.put it back together, and whalaaa!!fired up first pull and runs great!! thank god for youtube videos..

  2. Sure enough, the orifice in the bowl nut was clogged preventing fuel from getting to the carb on my Briggs and Stratton engine for my log splitter. Works great now, thanks for the video instruction…..

  3. Craftsman Power Washer
    after 25 videos, 5hrs, few unnecessary repairs, and my "I sprayed every port on that carb!"….I let it sink in that maybe I missed that main jet bolt, cleaned it with a needle and carb spray–cranked first try. Thanks

  4. Goddamnit jesus christ cthulhu. My time machine has crashed and all I can find on this shitty site is a lawn mower repair video. Looks like I'm stuck in this neanderthal homo-licking era for a while longer…

  5. I've been watching YouTube videos for two days trying to fix this issue on my mower and you're the first person to suggest a clogged fuel bowl nut. Everyone else seemed to have me tearing apart the entire carb looking for clogged ports everywhere else. Thank you sir! Fixed my problem in two minutes without having to tear my carb apart again.

  6. Nice fix!! And is there any way to adjust the engine speed, seems yours runs much faster than mine, I'd like to kick mine up a notch

  7. I had done all that could be done except the jet hole you showed that was clogged. Once I cleared the jet hole she ran like a champ. I praise God for answering my pray through your post.

  8. The key is the tiny hole that runs through the body of the nut on the float cup. Soak the bolt in carb cleaner, then run a fine wire through the tiny hole
    until you can see it through the larger two holes which intersect the small channel. Use the wire from a twist tie, after stripping off the plastic or paper. Worked like a charm for me.

  9. instead of practicing good stewardship put a plastic gas shutoff valve and top hat filter in the gas line from the tank to the carburator. you can get both for around 5 bucks at most small engine shops. I put them on all my engines and use the shutoff valve to shut the down when I am through using them. this way there is no gas in the carburator to cause problems. I also use premium non ethanol gas in everything and I have lots of small engines. I also use brigg's AFT fuel stabilizer in all gas for my small engines- two cycle or four cycle. gas intended for my four cycle engines also get one ounce of marvel mystery oil per gallon of gas.

  10. Thanks to this video I fixed my neighbors powerwasher. He was so happy he gave me a riding mover that just needs the mowing deck repaired!

  11. I think you better go back to school again. Gas will always change to like a linseed oil, you can tell by smelling the gas tank, you must always treat the gas with a stabilizer or run it dry before putting it away for the season. Install a new plug and clean the carb and change you oil with new 30W oil or a full synthetic oil as I use.

  12. Yes, very helpful on how to actually clean it, but…how do you put it back together? Specifically where does the damn inlet needle go and how do you get it back in there?

  13. I had exactly the same problem. but I didn't figure the holes were plugged. it was very clean except for some dirt or tiny sand in the bottom of the float bowl. I'll have to take the jet back off n run a wire thru it. I just hope I didn't lose the needle​. (the carb is still on the motor). thanks for your help

  14. Just ran out to check mine to see if it was the culprit .but mine is Solid. No holes at all in the bolt. ….oh well,will get even more aware, learning as I go here.

  15. I have a Briggs & Straton 625 , when I pull the rope to start ,it jerks the rope out of my hand and hurts my hand / how do I fix this?

  16. dale horton1 second agoI have a Briggs & Straton 625 , when I pull the rope to start ,it jerks the rope out of my hand and hurts my hand / how do I fix this?

  17. dude, I learned to hate you and your meandering dialogue about nothing before the midway point. delete this pointless video! don't talk anymore- ever.

  18. Don't often post, but I must take the time to Thank You. I cleaned EVERYTHING (except that jet bolt). :/ Thank you for your time.

  19. Sir, I cant tell you thank you enough!!! This totally worked for me!! Exactly what i needed! And thank you for the explanation of what everything does at the beginning!!!!

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