Briggs & Stratton Quantum Engine Throttle Linkage Problem

I cant fit my Briggs & Stratton Quantum throttle linkage I was given this mower and the carb was hanging off so I dont know exactly where all the linkage goes can you help Thanks



3 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton Quantum Engine Throttle Linkage Problem

  1. Shiiiit! Have same problem, well bigger! On my carb there are no spring on that plastic choke shaft, its gone, If you can film another clip with that springs so I can see what is missing, it will be nice.

  2. After tearing my carb apart and cleaning it and flushing the fuel tank, replacing the spark plug, after all of that it turns out my throttle tension was too low! therfore there wasn't enough compresion to draw in fuel to the carb and it wouldn't start. On my B & S engine you have to bend the metal piece the linkage spring connects to, to adjust the throttle. It's a fixed position throttle. Apparently in my messing with things I bent it the other way and it was too loose

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