Briggs & Stratton Raptor 3 engine Full Mod Racing Go Kart 50MPH 206 cc


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Modifying my racing Go Kart with a Briggs & Stratton Raptor 3 engine. Replacing stock carb, gas tank and adding fuel pump. Raptor 3 engine was discontinued but are said to be the best-selling racing engine of all time and the power lives up to its name. Added a bit of NOS Octane booster for a better performance and power. Racing in El Paso Texas.

Intake Manifold:
401 Raptor intake manifold 1 inch

Tillotson Carb:
Model HL-388B Gas / Throttle Bore = 1.000″

Floor Fuel Tank:
4 Quart Low Profile Aluminum Fuel Tank

Specs to this engine can be found here:



47 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton Raptor 3 engine Full Mod Racing Go Kart 50MPH 206 cc

  1. I've built a go cart over the past year, it's got a Predator 212 engine block, 208 cc briggs and stratton gas tank, .010 high compression head gasket, 18lb valve springs, full governor removal,performance, air filter, jets, and exhaust, autolite resistor sparkplug, and oil sensor removal and have gotten it up to 40 mph, maybe with some gearing I can get to 50 as well!

  2. Can someone help!! Where do I put the part for the pulse line off the fuel pump on these flatheads? Couldn’t tell clearly from this video

  3. you do realize that the carburetor you used does not need a fuel pump. Plus you can use a boat primer squeeze bulb to get the fuel up to the carburetor when the engine is cold.

  4. Hey bro. Would you be interested in selling me that old carb and tank? I bought a Raptor Alky motor, and the dumbass I got it from never ran gas though it after the alchohol. It rusted out the tank and trashed the carb. I want to run it on race gas anyway. Where are you located anyway? Let me know, and thanks. These things sure are fun, huh?

  5. if you have an outer fuel tank I recomend to get a fuel filter. Also a tip for future don't try to widen the end of fuel line with needle nose plyers not only it is harder, it can damage the pipe next time heat the end with a lighter then put it quickly over the nipple on the pump as it shrinks quickly but then it's nearly impossible to take it off.

  6. Kind of a dumb question.. if you put a bigger engine like a 420cc engine on a Go Kart would it be slower because if the weight difference?

  7. Has no one in this hobby, or basically anyone doing this type of stuff never heard of Never-Seeze?!?! Lock Tite will hold your nuts/bolts in for sure, but you will have en extremely tough time getting them undone or even possibly strip them/round them out. Never-Seez will hold the bolts just as tight, but you won't have the issue of fighting with the piece to loosen it.

  8. Nice! Reminds me of my younger days running WKA Super Stock dirt class. Small word of advice: You really shouldn't rev that motor like that without a load on it.

  9. Maybe you know already. It's running rich, might need to adjust the front screw on that carb clockwise. Might also be some other things need adjusting.
    Since that carb is set up for gasoline I'd run 87 octane, those engines will never make enough compression to need anything more. Mine runs great even on half stale gas and it has a lot of mods. I also have a kart with a Predator OHV, that engine does benefit from higher octane.

  10. "slit" tires is actually called siping pronounced syping. little racing term for ya…….unless you said something different hah. i like the kart. the harley in the back is a little nicer.

  11. 45-50 is real slow, you would get lapped 3 times before the end of a standard 20 lap race, I was averaging 76 mph with my Briggs engine and it was called a stock class, racing cam, jetted carb and hedder running on methanol, turning 7200 rpm, limited briggs engines turn 9200-9700 rpm and run about 100 mph and they will barely idle with a motorcycle carb

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