29 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton Ready Start fixed! 175cc

  1. Very helpful, clear ex. of how throttle and choke linkages and springs fit on carb and how they work. Searched a long time before I found this!

  2. I was just about to take my pressure washer to the repair shop then decided to google it, saw your video, did the standard repair and it worked! ?Thank you

  3. Thank You very much for this very informative video. I have the exact same model so i did what you said and it is not stuck so I guess it's the carb or the hose like Louis below.

  4. I Just picked up a mechanic special. Missing the red switch. Red wire is cut. Throttle cable is missing the spring. But I can get it to run! I have this same pressure washer, but it's lacking a lot of pressure.

  5. Awesome video…..my door fell off for the filter housing, anyone know if those are still sold? and if so part #? its like pulling teeth finding parta

  6. I have the same engine on my craftsman pressure washer. tried starting for half hour the other day. gonna look at this. and put fresh gas in it. If it doesn't work, I'm gonna have to clean the main jet.

  7. with mine it would run for about 4 in , then start spluttering under load , eventually quiting . wait 4-5 min and start …repeat .. tore the carb apart , new fuel … turned out the filter in the tank was gummed up and the fuel hose was coming apart inside . Wasnt able to pull the jet as it had coroded into place ..

  8. Had a similar problem. Hose between gas tank and carb was blocked. Took bowl nut and bowl off. Ccarb bowl was completely. Had to push a rather long screwdriver through the hose and use some compressed air to remove the blockage. After blockage was removed engine started easily.

  9. This is good, my problem is that when I am finished and leave the pressure washer in the garage all the gas leaks out through the filter. I never have problems starting the engine. What do you think? Jim Hummel (757) 828-8726

  10. I have the same engine it will only start and run fine if I pour gas in the carb.. all linkages, gaskets,and the carb are new…any suggestions

  11. Yours is slightly different than mine. I have another sliding mechanism that looks like some sort of throttle cable to the left side of your video, it seems to have the ability to shift. I don't know what it does, lol. Still same issue.

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