28 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton ReadyStart Explained

  1. Great Video! The best and most accurate explanation of the ReadyStart system!

    Just to add one thing – In the case when the motor runs fine when forced choked is either not enough fuel OR too much air (leaking carb gasket?).

  2. Thanks for the good explanation of the ready start choke! This method is an improvement over older vacuum type choke plates like used on B&S engines from the 60's and 70's. Those engines had no temperature compensation for the choke.

  3. Thanks! Way to 'splain it. Now I can change my Ready Start engine from a "Riggs" and Stratton back into a "Briggs" and Stratton!

  4. Great Video – This really gives me more of an Idea how the ready start works…  The only problem I have with my TroyBilt TB230 with B&S 190cc is about every other mow – It won't hot start after emptying the bag — for about 30 min..  Sometimes it is no problem however – I am guessing the thermostat that expands (by the muffler) is either good or bad not intermittent – so I am kinda scratching my head as to why this only happens sometimes..    thanks for any ideas you may have..

  5. Good explanation, thanks.

    I took the old style carb with prime bulb and governor spring off of my previous Craftsman mower and got rid of the NASA designed ReadyStart system.  It's a much better mower now.

    The most common problem with these mowers seems to be clogged small holes in the bolt that holds the fuel bowl on.  Until I found out that the ethanol they were adding to gas here was clogging up my mower I was cleaning the carb near every month.

  6. Thsanks for the explanation, do you recommend such as system (readystart) or a traditional simple primer start engine. I just want a low maintenance lawnmower, thanks

  7. nice vid , question , i have a ready start lawntractor and i shut off the fuel shut off valve to store for winter but i find it was working real hard to stay going, if i had a choke on it i would of pulled it to shut it down more smoothly. is it hard on the engine when its working so hard to keep going or should i just put stabil in the fuel and don't worry about shutting off the fuel

  8. My mower is just the opposite, I start it and it runs rough and weak at start up and than it dies out, and won't start again for awhile. I am not sure if the solenoid is working or not, if I manually open the choke valve lever it will start and run??

  9. do you have a part # for the ready start lever? mine is missing. I cleaned the carb and bowl set the ready start manually and it started one pull. the bi-metal spring is working also just need the the spring part #. nice clear and concise video. easy to understand. thanks for sharing.

  10. Your video is STILL working! Had exactly the same problem and after much fooling around with the choke, I blew out the carb passages and that was the end of the story. Mower runs fine now. Thanks!!

  11. My mower is doing EXACTLY what you describe in this video. I'm going to try to clean the carb today and hopefully get to mow down the jungle that's forming around my house!
    UPDATE: Cleaned the carb (1st timer)… mower started right up, ran perfectly and mowed it all! MANY THANKS!!!

  12. I took a Troy-Bilt push mower with the "Ready Start" carburetor system and cleaned the carb 3 times and it kept surging. According to Briggs and Stratton, the surging could be caused by either the carburetor being dirty or the governor which would need to be adjusted. Thanks.

  13. Thanks for the video. However in my case, my mower won't start unless I open the butterfly (choke) at first when the engine is cold. Then when it starts, I remove the screwdriver to let the butterfly close, and the engine runs ok. I'm still wondering why this is. Also, when I store the mower, it's leaking gas through the butterfly opening and saturates the air filter. Sounds like I have a carb problem. This all happened after I replaced the gaskets and needle valve in the carb.

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