18 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton Rebuild – Pt. 1

  1. Save time and money: Short-block it. Didn't look bad other than valve problem. Didn't need to take ENGINE (not "motor"…a motor is electric) apart that far, either.

  2. @47485ksc Motor is perfectly fine as a definition. True definition of a "motor":

    1. Something, such as a machine or an engine, that produces or imparts motion.

    2. A device that converts any form of energy into mechanical (rotating) energy, especially an internal-combustion engine or an arrangement of coils and magnets that converts electric current into mechanical power

    Please, check the definition first before leaving comments

  3. @47485ksc The engine had to be stripped, because if you were paying attention, the crank was BENT and had to be replaced. Those small engines can be a pain in the ass to remove the crank with the piston conrod in the way, so its easier to pop the piston out. Thanks for commenting, but please check information before commenting, makes you look like an ass when proved wrong.

  4. I worked at an equipment rental store with a mechanic that could fix anything. To fix mowers with bent crankshafts, the mechanic would remove the spark plug, take off the blade, turn the mower on it's side and pull the starter rope to find the high spot of the crank shaft, laying a piece of board on the side of the shaft and with a heavy hammer, strike the board and shaft to straighten it. A few pulls of the rope tells if the shaft is straight and you're back in business. Seen it done 3 times

  5. We have a crank straightener, pull the engine, mount it to the straightener and with a few turns of two bolts it is straight as an arrow. Best investment.

  6. That's amazing. I thought u were full of it when i read this, but they do exist. i had no idea. Thanks

  7. Yea a lot of people don't know about them, we bought ours about 15 years ago for $40 bucks, it probably has paid for itself thousands of times over by now. If its bent like a pretzel you can't save it but for little to medium bends its a piece of cake. It's a great money maker.

  8. I gotta ask, not changing the oil at the start of the season, and its black and a used flathead engine, will sludge form and will a massive regeneration cycle?

  9. My 80232 engine does not run very long. Burns oil too. Argh. I am planning another rebuild but I have no idea how to do it— even though I made a video on the subject. 🙂 Looks like I did the job wrong.

  10. Though I'm not a professional on small engines, it is my thought you keep the lower bearing plate (crankcase pan) with its original block.  I'm pretty sure the upper and lower crank bearing areas are line bored with a special boring tool, while the pan and block are mated with each other, thus making them matched to each other.  A replacement or used pan from another engine may result in a slight alignment issue, crankshaft side play (excessive clearance).  This has been my experience with old Clinton stuff.

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