16 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton Rebuild – Pt. 6

  1. I'm a donor too the ladies need a donation lol I loved the rebuild I have rebuilt quite a few for mini bikes, go-carts and mowers and such…I like building from time to time.

  2. Great set of videos. Will be starting my first Briggs and Stratton engine overhaul tomorrow and was looking for some good vids when I found your series.
    Maybe you could tack weld those nuts on to the boss while they are on the bench, then you won't have to reach those nuts every time you want to take the blades off.

  3. hi, is it necessary for the oil breather tube to be connected to the carb? and whats the plastic tab thing on top of the coil for?

  4. lmao, to some viewers this may look pretty wrong 😛
    Good job with fixing the boss up with the new bolts.

  5. LOL, slide 'Er on the shaft, LOL
    Good Engine too,good to see it rebuilt instead of junking it

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