Briggs & Stratton: Smart-Fill Gas Can

The Smart-Fill is clean, better for the environment, makes storage easy and ideal for any sized tank.

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20 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton: Smart-Fill Gas Can

  1. Did You or a loved one recently get doused in gasoline and maybe even burned alive, after using a BS Gas Can?  If so, Briggs and Stratton don't give a fuck. You are just another sucker and you have neither the time nor resources to challenge them. Going by the fact that there are damning reviews of this product for well over a year and the fact that I was sold one last week, I'd say it's  fair to assume BS  simply don't give a damn. My guess is that they have legal insulation. In future I will give my dime to their competition.

  2. Highly educated and very handy person here. Thanks to this piece of junk can, my 15-year old son and I now have gasoline all over ourselves and the garage floor. Our final solution was to drape a towel all around the area, hoping it would catch most of the sloshing, leaking overflow. Not sure what to do with the gasoline-saturated towel now. Who designed this thing? Shame.

  3. OK, Well I'm glad I saw this BEFORE I pulled the trigger on buying it. Does anyone here know of a decent 1-gal gas can that you don't need to be a rocket scientist to work?

  4. Such a worthless design. Leaks more often than a normal gas can and that's only when you can get the moronic "Smartfill" spout to pour gas

  5. And it's not just B&S. There's at least one similar design out there without B&S' name on them, and they're a pain to use, too. No matter how tightly the (adult-proof) ratcheting cap is screwed onto the can, it still dribbles gasoline as soon as the can is moved to pouring position.
    Trying to hook one of the "anchors" onto the tank of a gas trimmer or similar small tank so that fuel can flow is a real challenge.
    Unscrewing the ratcheting cap to refill a can in cold/snowy whether is another chore. Probably something the rocket surgeon(s) who designed it never had to experience.

  6. Worst gas can I've ever had in my life. Definitely does not work like you see in the video. Almost impossible to pour gas with it. I only used it a couple times and then went out and bought a different type of gas can. Everyone absolutely hates this spout design and you can bet your ass that B&S comes out with a different design of spout next year.

  7. The fact that there is a YouTube video explaining how to use a f%&*ing gas can tells you everything you need to know about this POS.

  8. So…this dumb nozzle wont even unseal so i can pore the gas into my tank I've watched all the YouTube videos and still nothing…anyone wanna gimme suggestions?

  9. I wish I had reviewed this awful product before I bought it…spending way too much time and energy on this today! Do yourself a favor and avoid this unusable gas can!

  10. LAWYERS: Looking for easy money? Please open a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT
    against Briggs & Stratton immediately! Lost $20 in kerosene plus the
    price of the canister. Sue them for the environmental damage as well!
    It always leaks and leaves messes everywhere. False advertisement!

  11. There's nothing "smart" about a jug that needs downloaded instructions in order to figure out how it works. What a stinking waste of money. I only bought one because the filter screen on my old tank has finally worn out. After dealing with this mess I just went back to my old tank with a bit of cheesecloth as a filter.

    Completely idiotic design.

  12. I bought a B&S Smart -Fill last fall and the nozzle broke after about 3 weeks, fill-ups. One of the worst $23.00 I've ever spent. New and improved isn't always better.

  13. Sweet jesus I wish that I had read some reviews on this before buying the 5 gallon. I'm not convinced that there's even gas in the can of this video as I seem to be spilling as much gas from the lock collar as through the spout. This is proof that you can over-engineer something to be worse than before.

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