4 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton: Straight Talk on the Importance of Engine Oil Part 2

  1. I am looking at a fluid extractor pump for small engines and other applications to avoid the mess of changing oil. Just remove the dipstick, insert the hose and pump the oil out. How cool is that?

  2. This mower does have a drain plug, but I preffer to change it by tipping on its side. But if you tip it too far, more than 90° like she did in this video what happens is not all oil will come out. Engine needs to be level or close to level, or you send motor oil to the top of the engine and won't drain leaving dirty oil in eng. Other than that. Great video

  3. You should start the engine . Let it run for a few minutes. Then drain the oil. That way you get all the contaminants out . Hope this is helpful to you.

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