Briggs & Stratton – Tune Up Your Push Lawn Mower Engine

There are numerous benefits to tuning up your Briggs & Stratton push lawn mower at home, including an easier start, a better run, and reduced emissions (which helps the environment), saving you money on the costly repairs that can result from engine deterioration.

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21 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton – Tune Up Your Push Lawn Mower Engine

  1. I liked the video. But could you put words on the screen that tells us the model number of the spark plug, what weight of oil, and I didn't quite hear what number of Air filter. thank you, I gotta go to the store to buy all that stuff tonight, and it would help if I knew what to get. Thanks

  2. I just purchased a model similar to this one. I really appreciate your breakdown of the steps necessary to properly maintain these mowers.

  3. I have ordered a snorkel kit, sick of dirty airfilter every mow. These engines are great, spark plug can be removed with a shifter.

  4. I notice that although the presenter says the plug lead should be disconnected before tipping the oil out into the pan, this isn't actually done.  Although the engine is unlikely to fire, the blade is exposed when in it is tipped over and that lead really should be disconnected first.

  5. Great video. I did the complete tune up myself. I've never done anything like this before. It's pretty late now so I will check tomorrow it see if it works. I'll cross my fingers. Thanks very much!

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