14 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton V-TWIN : Governor, Throttle and Choke Linkages

  1. Exactly what i was looking for. Took my v twin carb out for cleaning and couldn't remember how the springs went back together. Thanks so much for taking the time to make this video to help us all out.

  2. @fnaguitarplayer9 are the Vanguard Twin engine camshafts and governors the same? I can't find a replacement governor without used or buying new with the camshaft.

  3. Motor is surging at high Rpm while mowing under load. Runs great other wise. Could I need to adjust the gov. Springs

  4. Was looking for where the carb linkage connection points are. Had a hard time finding them but got a good look at the butterfly end at 1 minute 39 seconds into your video and thereafter for the other end. May I suggest, either zoom in and/or zoom out as you go for a closeup of 'whatever'. It is a great explanation video, but with each instruction point already being zoomed in it is hard to orient myself (79 yr old eyes) to we are, for sure, on the carburetor. After all that being said, IT WAS A GREAT HELP ! ! ! I got the carb linkage on with the correct ends in their proper holes, thanks to you. 4 stars+

  5. Guitar player: Me too. Great vid. You mentioned there are more than one carbs used on different engines.  Can you tell me if they are interchangeable to the different engines. My Carb. is identical to yours. I think someone installed a different carb and  manifold assembly on mine. is that possible would it make a difference?? I'm having problems ordering carburetor parts and gaskets. Also linkage rods are all twisted and bent for some reason?. I was thinking about purchasing an assembly for my model engine in e-bay. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Engine numbers are 21.5hp B&S, M#445777, type 0172-E1 It ran good for a while. It just started running bad.

  6. When I increase the throttle, the throttle cable rotates the throttle control counter-clockwise, which puts tension on the governor spring. When I decrease the throttle, the reverse happens, as expected. What doesn't move is the throttle linkage, which actually controls the throttle body. When I crank my engine it runs at very high RPM and I am concerned it is running away. Will the governor adjust the governor arm as the engine warms up? I always shut the mower off b/c I am scared its going to throw something! I suppose I should mention that I just removed and cleaned the carb (no rebuild).

  7. Until I saw your video, I sure didn't know that the lower "tab" holding the lower end of the governor idle spring (smaller spring) was used to help change the idle speed. You sure saved me big time there!

    I broke the throttle linkage on my engine and made a replacement. I made what I thought was a good match size wise, but was not 100% sure if the length was "really" right. I falsely assumed that just by adjusting the governor arms setting , that would basically compensate for that linkage being slightly off length-wise. However, using that new linkage, I found that the (Larger) main governor spring was still fairly loose (sloppy) when the engine was off & with the engine running at full throttle, it ran noticeably slower than before. I could push down on the governor arm and get it to speed up.
    Q 1) Do you know the correct length of the throttle linkage at the points where it engages both of the 2 appropriate holes?
    Q2) Should the (Larger) main governor spring be under slight tension at "off" or what?

    Really good video, very helpful!

  8. I am a little confused. I changed out the carburetor on mine and I was expecting that when the throttle was opened, it would cause the throttle linkage to move and actuate the intakes in the carburetor. After the replacement, it would not start, but when I manually hold "up" the linkage on the throttle side it starts up fine. Can someone help me understand what the issue is? Thanks!

  9. I had bought a used riding mower and the seller gave me a couple of blown or worn Vanguard twin engines to rebuild. I'd like to have more to get the parts together for at least one. It's my understanding some of these have interchangeable parts between vertical and horizontal and HP. But some have the tapered shaft for pumps or whatever. I had pulled apart one engine and installed a used crank and pistons from eBay, that I thought was a good deal even for used parts. But I didn't do it right and it burns oil, mostly when it's cold. The other crank had shims and I had wrapped them in paper towel and tossed it without knowing. But there wasn't that much end play in the replacement anyway. Another block I had bought used was picked through, but still had a good block and heads, but the governor and related parts were broken.

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