35 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton vertical to horizontal conversion for go kart or mini bike

  1. So two questions, do you have to fill the old oil feed hole on the crankshaft, or can you just have both open, and how is oil getting to the valves?

  2. No briggs start on first pull. Fake !

    Just joking cool prodject I got about 5 5hps laying around I'll try this to see if I can run a blackmeir pump with one of them .

  3. Is there like skype discord teamspeak or anything i can get in contact with you so you can help me with my project if you would like to thoe

  4. Are the internals (camshaft, connecting rod, crankshaft etc.) the same between the vertical and horizontal engines of the same horsepower?

  5. I got an old engine for free off a mower already rearranged the carb bracket the same way and removed governor. The problem is the crankshaft is bent from hitting something when it was on the mower. The other thing I was thinking is doesn't it need heavier springs since it will run at higher rpm? the plastic camshaft is also not designed to run at higher rpm.

  6. Vertical engines have a light weight flywheel because the lawnmower blade is considered the flywheel. This will run only at high RPM and will stall easily when slowed down. But you can add weight inside of the flywheel to solve this problem.

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