Briggs & Stratton YOU.POWERED. Brand Video

Powering Your Accomplishments. Every day, millions of our dedicated and passionate customers like you achieve amazing things using Briggs & Stratton products. Whether constructing a building, watering a rice field, providing power during an outage or making your lawn and garden look it’s best, you are taking on large and small challenges and succeeding. We celebrate you and your accomplishments and through your action hope to inspire others.



5 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton YOU.POWERED. Brand Video

  1. I bought a generator from this company and it was broken out of the box. I called them and they want me to buy the part. I almost bought a 3 year warranty. What a scam. Home Depot won’t even let you return generators

  2. Hello, I purchased a Toro Super Recycler lawn mower S/N 220001040, With a Briggs & Stratton GTS 6.5 HP, S/N 124K02-0110-B1 01102059, 3 years ago the fuel tank started to drip occasionally, I checked the fuel line and it was Not leaking, So I Contacted Toro and was told It was not their problem? So we continued to use the mower, Last year it started dripping worse we could only fill the fuel tank half way to avoid this leak, This year We have a Full Blown Leak that streams fuel out!! I inspected the tank with a flashlight and and can clearly see that the seam in the {Plastic fuel tank were the to 2 half's of the tank are joined together are split} THIS NOW IS A FIRE HAZARD to my wife and son how use this mower!! I called Toro again and this time I was told the fuel tank was supplied with the motor made by Briggs & Stratton and to Contact them. I called Briggs & Stratton Today, I was told that the fuel tank was not covered by the warranty as it has expired????? and wanted me to contact another company were I could purchase a replacement. How does a plastic fuel tank wear out???? The mower is kept in a garage and has always been taken care of it runs Great and Cuts Great! So again How does a plastic fuel tank wear out???? It's not a blade that has to be changed or an air filter or spark plug that has to be kept serviced! It's a fuel tank that in fact should last the life of the Mower. Please Give Me Some Help with this issue!!! I truly believe that this is in fact a manufactured Defect! And Needs To Be Addressed ASAP My case number with B&S is 444886 I feel this company does NOT in fact Support their products when Defective. Thanks You For Your Time. Sincerely Jay Dubay

  3. Excellent video showcasing quality Briggs & Stratton power products including the lawn mowers | water pumps | brush cutters | ride on grass mowers | zero turn lawn mowers my family owned hardware store sell and service in Buriram Thai;land. I am proud to partner with Briggs & Stratton and VB Engine to offer made in the USA Briggs & Stratton garden and farming tools to residents and expats in Buriram Thailand. I will broadcast this video near the Briggs & Stratton Power Products on display and in stock at Ruangsangthai in Buriram.

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