44 thoughts on “Briggs Tecumseh Free a STUCK VALVE without removing head

  1. I have a John Deere TRS 22 (tecumseh 5hp). I tried to compression test, pulled starter cord, but didn't realize that tester fitting was too long (in spark plug hole). Engine jammed with cord about halfway out. I was able to get tester fitting out of cylinder, but engine won't turn now. Intake valve stuck in open/up position. Can this be fixed easily? Did I bend intake valve, damage lifter, or damage camshaft? Help!, Thanks!

  2. Thank you. That was really helpful! My generator wouldn't start this morning, no compression. I suspected the valves. After watching your video I took the plug out and shot some WD40 on the exhaust valve. I couldn't turn it around because it was too tight to get a screwdriver in there. Put the plug back, and it started first time. Have compression again! Cheers.

  3. Had this problem (no compression and could not start), squirted in some PB Blaster, let that stand for an hour or so and then squirted in some transmission fluid and worked the valve loose. Hammered a chopstick on top of the valve to pop in back in fully and this really had it going when I spun the blade. Started and blew out some smoke but seems fine after this. Thanks for the advice and the video.

  4. I have a 12.5 hp Briggs and Stratton on a MTD riding mower that I believe has a compression issue. If I pull the spark plug out the engine will crank over and over but if I put the spark plug in the engine only does about one rotation before it stalls out. Does this seem like the same issue? I tried lubing up the valves last night and it didn't seem to fix it yet. Perhaps I need more lube or does it sound like it could be something else? Thanks for your video.

  5. This worked thanks man – btw – that concrete is fucked! lol It kept distracting me haha looks like my old driveway when I lived in Lancaster, Ca – damn earthquakes!

  6. so we see the value in simple machines. In years to come there aint gunna be anyone resurrecting an ECU controlled engine.. Environmentally friendly my arse. Stuff that has to be thrown away after a short period is a waste of all the energy and pollution it took to make it. Hail the flathead. People are getting dumber not smarter

  7. I have an old Sears 12.5HP tractor that has a sticking valve that pops out the exhaust all the time. I think this will help lots, THANKS!

  8. Nice i was going to take it apart but this worked for my snowblower.I noticed it lost power and the muffler was glowing red at night.Now i an tossing snow 20 or more feet and no more stalls or spits and sputters.Thanks a bunch and have a great day.

  9. Thank you! We just got 10 inches of snow in northern MN and my snowblower woudnt start, it was a stuck intake valve and this fixed it .

  10. Great tips, sixtyfiveford! Thanks for sharing the info. You got a "thumbs up" from me. It is my experience that a good mechanic will share information because it is his/her desire to help others. Yes, I called you a good mechanic. Lol

  11. Smart tip on putting you machine away for long periods . . .park the piston on the power stroke so no moisture will enter through the valves . . .I like that!

  12. Very good trick and explanation ( originally I could see the edge of intake valve but wasn't positive it was really it and or if it was stuck ,it is and was ) but I was so involved trying to turn it with the screw driver I almost total stripped out the Spark Plug Threads !,!

  13. Another great vid. Straight to the point NOT telling us the history of the machine you are working on, what you have in your garage, when you built the shop, who you are married too, where you bought your shirt AND then getting to what we tuned in to see. THANK YOU.

  14. Great video. Mine wouldn,t start after lunch although had been standing a couple of years. I'd already taken off the head so lubed and turned the valve by hand.
    Easy fix and back running in 10 minutes.

  15. Took the valve out completely use some emory cloth on the stem, brake cleaner on the inside. The valve works properly now. If I can just get it all back together now.

  16. I will have to try this on my machine. but i'm not sure if that is the issue.

    my snow blower isn't pulling in air and fuel. it sucks and blows through the intake and it is completely dry inside… but both valves move

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